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My Favourite Artists from Juxtapoz Dark Arts

Juxtapoz is one of my favourite mags, and I also love their supermodern, happily leftfield series of art books.

I checked the Dark Arts volume out of Central library recently; two of my favourite artists, Polly Morgan and Liz McGrath are in there and I also discovered a bunch of awesome people whose work hadn’t crossed my path yet. It is a rad book – available here if you can’t resist!

Wendy Cogan Toyoda ♥

Visit her site here.

Wendy Cogan Toyoda

Wendy Cogan Toyoda; rose bouquet

“I align symbols of the decorative with the cheap, gaudy and luxurious to create an atmosphere of discomfort… I want to raise the question of what it is to be feminine.”
– Wendy Cogan Toyoda, via Juxtapoz Dark Arts (USA, 2009)


James Jean ♥

Visit his site here.

James Joynce; porcelain bone necklace

James Jean 'Swan'

James Jean 'Crickets'

“I think the best paintings of mine are born from the deepest recesses of the mind, from dark and surprising places.”
– James Jean, via this interview with Theresa Ryan


Elizabeth McGrath ♥

I have so much love for this lady! Visit her site here.

Elizabeth McGrath 'Black Deer'

Elizabeth McGrath 'Blue Bunny'

Elizabeth McGrath 'Weasels'

Elizabeth McGrath 'Death By Desire'

““My parents had been instructed to burn everything I owned, including my photos and entire record collection…”
– Elizabeth McGrath, via this interview with Bizarre Magazine


Miss Van ♥

Visit her site here.

Miss Van 'Twinkles'

Miss Van; from Bailerinas

Miss Van; from Canto Negro exhibition

“The idea of provocativeness has also a part in my conception of my work. I have always liked painting a sexy doll in an inappropriate place. I want to provoke strong reactions.”
– Miss Van, via EureakArt


Polly Morgan ♥

Visit her site here.

Polly Morgan; magpie

Polly Morgan; fox

Polly Morgan; Mythologies

“I find it difficult to say what inspires me. A lot of influences are caught subliminally. The most abstract things can become inspiration.”
– Polly Morgan, via this interview at IdeasTap


Jonathan Viner ♥

Visit his site and shop here.

Jonathan Viner; coffee

Jonathan Viner; archers

Jonathan Viner; chaise

“I’m really good at making enemys, well not really. I guess what I’m trying to say is to make sure that you watch my back, OK.”
– Jonathan Viner, via this interview at Fecal Face


Greg Simkins ♥

Visit his site & shop here.

Greg Simkins 'Gather Around'

Greg Simkins 'Reason'

Greg Simkins 'Tea and Jam'

“The best piece of advice I have ever gotten was to discover my own voice in my art.”
– Greg Simkins, via this interview at Empty Kingdom


Wellington Library rules, I actually don’t know what I would do without it: cookbooks, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, Bitch, Bust, Frankie, craft, cross stitch, costume. All for free (aside from the fines!).

Other Juxtapoz volumes include Tattoo, Illustration, Handmade and Poster Art. Cosmic has sold all of these at one time or another, so had the chance to check them out well when I was working there. Dark Arts is definitely my favourite – there is something about this flavour of art that I am drawn to more than any other; I guess it what feels the most beautiful to me.


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