Launch & Learn: Acid Cult, Cool Shit & A Wearable Arts Window

Image via Ffffound

The last couple of days I have been laid up with some painful leg nonsense – physio, here I come! – which has turned out to have a silver lining in the form of motivating me to get serious about getting my online shop firmly established.

Enough stalling and obsessing over the “is it really good enough” and the “gotta be perfect”. Like Danielle La Porte said: Launch and learn. I am injecting this advice into my brain.

After mmming and ahhing for over a year about the merits of Etsy vs Big Cartel, and letting myself cave to my natural inclination to be an itinerant dabbler by bouncing between the two, I snapped myself out of it and made a decision. Big Cartel. Done.

Quickly followed by a flurry of photo editing, copywriting and listing everything possible.

Acid Cult is up and running in a form that works for me, with new cross stitch designs added to the range of Pennyroyal made to order totes and – finally! – the first four pieces in the Acid Cult range of sterling silver neckwear.

Yesterday I listed the first of the new Pennyroyal brand ‘Bitch Stitch’ range of upcycled clothing. I have wanted clothing in the shop for a long, long time; this is just the beginning! Come hither.

Now I need to connect with some amazing customers and drop my fear of networking. It’s been a bumpy road, but here we are. Momentum, movement, my own crazy way. I’ve just got to keep going. One day at a time, forward with focus.


Radness right now:

♥ My new tattoo; ‘tea time‘ written in beautiful handwriting on the side of my right hand. It is SO CUTE. It might be my favourite so far 😀

♥ Evernote. Fuck. Yes. Helping me keep my sometimes erratic mind on track since I belatedly discovered it earlier in the year. It is the perfect tool for obsessive note-takers.

♥ Reading The Help again.

♥ V Magazine’s From the Desk of Lady Gaga.

♥ Sushi in Civic Square. St. Pierre’s vege snack box = a vegan light lunch for under $5 in Wellington central ♥ thank fuck.

♥ Spring sunshine and nights getting lighter.

♥ My 50th post for
Kitchen Rebellion
! KR has had a little mini facelift recently, too.

♥ The Sopranos; Cam & I just watched the whole series for the first time. Now I finally know what all the fuss was about! It’s an amazing show; straight to number two on my list of all-time favourite TV dramas (number one being The Wire).

♥ The WOW window competition. The construction was a nightmare and I ruined the waist of half of the skirt while dressing the mannequin for the final time, resulted in a flurry of impromptu quick-fixing and barely held back tears; on the other hand, I pulled it off with no budget, passersby loved the window, and it’s not every day you get to incorporate Charlize Theron smoking an apple bong into a work-related project. It was an experience, that much I can say.


♥ ♥ ♥



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