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Tuesday Love List: No Diggity, No Doubt

 Via Ffffound

♥ Ginger beer; huge-ass 750ml bottles of ginger beer. Hell yeah.

♥ Making a game plan to cope with my frazzled nerves: I’ve let myself become super stressed out, worrying about things that I don’t need to. Time to refocus, move past this bump & get positive again.

♥ Date night! Just what I needed; I have the best boyfriend ever. Cam & I went out to the Roxy in Miramar, to see the Avengers (which was awesome; I love you, Robert Downey Jr) and have a lush dinner at CoCo, the theatre restaurant, beforehand. It was my first time at the Roxy and it was so, so much more satisfying than slumming it in the Reading complex. Tickets are cheaper, too, only $15 for an adult. The food and service (and cocktail list) at CoCo was amazing, we’ve already planned our next feast there! The Miramar locals are spoiled, I swear. There’s a lot of action happening in that little community.

♥ Baking a dozen vegan chocolate cupcakes. Icing them. Eating six.

♥ Visiting Newtown, which I hadn’t done in way too long. Opportunity for Animals ftw! I really like Newtown, it’s an eclectic as fuck part of town, real unpolished and down to earth. Reminds me of rainy student op-shop days & Port Royal rollies. In a good way.

♥ The following t-shirt, 100% on my want list:

Via Ffffound. This rocks my world so hard.

♥ My merchandising contract being extended! This has been my main work-related goal for the last three months, I’m proud that the hard work paid off. Part of my new game plan is going to be working out how to best keep cranking my Cosmic gig without it taking up space in my brain that 100% needs to be reserved for Acid Cult. Things feel kinda crazy at the moment, but I’m gonna figure it out and grow from the madness.

♥ Making a list of Wellington restaurants that have tempting menus, for future dining adventures.

♥ Taking the train out to Petone for the first time in years. Petone has this weird kind of charm; I lived there for a brief, mad whirlwind and have had a soft spot ever since. I love how the railroad from Wellington to the Hutt runs right alongside the harbour, the view is so wonderful. This particular day, my mum met me at Petone train station, and we drove out to a little cafe in Lower Hutt, called Shine, for a belated Mama’s Day lunch. Delicous food, good coffee (!!!) and it was fun hanging out with mum. It’s always good to catch up with her, get the family gossip!

Spiderbait‘s victorious cover of Black Betty.

♥ Speaking of which, I’ve been thrashing a ridic new walking soundtrack recently. Highlights: Blackstreet – No Diggity; Marilyn Manson – Little Horn (& also the Death Song); Sean Paul – Get Busy; Incubus – Certain Shade of Green; Tupac – California Love; Spiderbait – Black Betty; Eve – Who’s That Girl?

Via Ffffound

It’s gonna be allllll good.


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