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Upswing: Counting Blessings, Making Progress

By Marynn via Illusion


Being back at work is so, so good.

There is a shitload to do and I am amping to get it done; it’s a good feeling. I really love my job; evenmoreso I love the fact that I have been gifted the freedom to fit my merchandising hours around my personal creative projects however works best for me. That is a big, liberating deal. I am a lucky bitch.

When things get stressful, I’ve just got to remind myself that being able to concentrate on visual merchandising in a place as small as Wellington is a very rare thing. Not many people get paid solely to be creative in retail here, which from my obviously biased perspective seems very counterproductive.

Walking into a vividly imagined, cohesive space, there is a completely different energy than walking into somewhere that hasn’t had a dedicated eye keeping things on the right track. It can be the difference between being compelled to look at *everything* and just wanting to give things a quick glance.

Less plonking-on-shelves, more investment-in-aesthetics, I say!

We’ve decided to enter the Cuba Mall shop in the WOW window dressing competition this year and it’s my job to throw it all together. Until today I had been freaking out about the seemingly inevitable, mindfucking complexity of pulling it off with no budget, without doing a tonne of unpaid work, while simultaneously cranking my usual VM gig.

This afternoon I had an epiphany and realised that it doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be a bit clever.

Ten minutes later a weight-lifting, evolved nugget of an idea bubbled up from my subconscious; I’ve sketched it out, brainstormed a little and now aim to not spend any more of my time thinking about it until I set foot in the shop tomorrow. I tend to have a problem switching off my at-Cosmic brain and I am going to knock that habit the fuck out, because it is 100% not productive!

The rest of the afternoon is all about the epic playlist I am about to queue and cookin’ some damn pie. Vegan Pie Adventure #2: Curried Lentil Victory is on the horizon. ♥



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