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April List o’ Love: Siouxsie Sioux, The Emerald City & Trusting In Change


April was a very healing month.

I had a lot of moments in the last couple of weeks where I have turned my face toward the sky, closed my eyes and silently said THANK YOU to the universe. Change comes.

Slowly but surely, I have been getting this chronic-pain trapped-nerve business sorted out. There have been doctors, surgeons, x-rays, scans, piles of pills, naturopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, EFT, energy healing and chiropractic.

At times it has been a very hard, frustrating experience, but in many ways, the health ups and downs I have had over the last three years have been an incredible gift. I have learned how to nourish myself with amazing food. I have learned that I need to be fierce about following my dreams (and also very patient), and that I am hungry for big things.

I knew that the light at the end of this tunnel would begin getting closer eventually and it feels REAL good that the time has come. Yusss. This year I will run back into the arms of sewing. Even get my ass back to Bikram. It is exciting as hell.

For the last month or so, I have been seeing an amazing chiropractor – I came away deflated after my first shot at chiropractic, but when the orthopaedic surgeon I saw recently thought it was worth another shot, I figured I might as well visit a different practice with my fingers crossed and see what happened. It was such a good call!

The first week, I had three separate adjustments (an ‘adjustment’ is the chiropractic euphemism for cracking yer bones ♥). The few weeks that followed I went in twice weekly, and as of last week I have a weekly appointment. During this time a bunch of rad things having happened, including halving the amount of strong-ass painkillers I need to take, and being able to unglue myself from my hot water bottle. Coupled with continuing to eat empowering food, I am feeling better than ever. Onwards and upwards.

fr. Pulp Fiction

Mia and Vince, via Ffffound

Other awesome things about my April:

♥ Drinking an Emerald City Cocktail while watching Oz the Great & Powerful in 3D with Cam. So much fun. We sat in the supercomfy, reclining seats at Reading and ate up a popcorn storm. I loved the movie: some people get annoyed with the sensory overload of colour and the leaning towards style over substance, but I think: fuck yes. Disney was made for 3D eyeball confections. Pump ’em full, Disney. What I really wanna know is: when do I get to see 3D Chitty Chitty Bang Bang???

♥ The amazing Kris Carr! Kris just celebrated her 10 year cancer anniversary. She is a total star and definitely one of the inspirations behind my clean eating health adventure.

Ciaté‘s soon-to-be-launched Chalkboard Manicure sounds very, very cool. And also reminds me that I need to deal to the chipped mess of purple polish I’ve got on lingering on my nails right now (nail polish can’t handle me – I’m too handsy – if it lasts four days, it’s a miracle).

♥ Street Art Utopia has rounded up 100+ of their favourite 2012 street art photos.

Big hair forever, via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

♥ Diana Eng’s laser lace tops are awesome; I want a black version of the All Over Tee so bad. Her fortune cookie coin purse is rad as hell too!

♥ I was excited to stumbled upon Constrvct while bouncing around online recently. It is a really interesting project, still in a public beta stage, that has potential to be very, very cool. Billing themselves as “the world’s first collaborative fashion label”, Constrvct enables people to upload their own images, to be printed digitally on to plain garments that are made to custom size from 3D patterns. Make your own Constrvct or buy from the shop. I’m gonna keep an eye on this one.

Acid Cult is lookin’ fresh thanks to Big Cartel introducing a new, no nonsense & beautiful theme for me to play with.

♥ PUFF PASTRY. There is something about pastry that is deliciously comforting. I wanna wrap everything in pastry right now.

LP Cover Lover: “The World’s Greatest LP Album Covers”. By ‘greatest’ they mean ‘most retro & ridiculous’… 😀

♥ Gabby Bernstein’s short & sweet EFT de-stress tutorial: How to Reduce Stress. It might seem a little woo-woo at first, but tapping (a kind of self-administered acupressure) works for all sorts of things that might be throwing you off your game. It totally helped with the depression challenges I struggled through during my early-mid twenties. It is very easy and can be super effective.

♥ Visual stimulus. I am VFiles bitch right now and it rules. That, coupled with the gravity of Pinterest pulling me further and further in, has kicked me in to aesthetic overdrive.

By Annie Owens

By Annie Owens, Supersonic Electronic

♥ Being taught diaphragmatic breathing during my first ever session with an energy healer. FUCK YES. A jaw-droppingly effective way of pulling myself back together in moments of stress or doubt. Calming, centring, veil-clearing.

♥ Photographs of abandoned places. I will never see enough of these. This collection is my favourite in a long time: The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World.

♥ The suave brains behind Haute Macabre have their very own perfume! Haute Macabre by Black Phoenix Alchemist Lab, they are taking backorders for the next run right this minute.

♥ Making spreadable vegan mozzerella! A delicious victory! Find the recipe, along with the very tip of the online vegan cheese iceberg, in my post for Kitchen Rebellion – The KR Guide to Vegan Cheese in New Zealand (& Beyond)

♥ The best housewarming gift EVER from my soul sis Lucy. She knows Cam & I so well!

♥ My custom Mortal Gods vest. So fucking rad! I love it to pieces and then some. Heavy-duty studded lapels and a big back patch with Siouxsie in the middle and “fall in love, not in line” in big lavender letters wrapped around it. Check it out:


Fall in love, not in line

♥ ♥ ♥



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Jan-Feb Big Love List: Stubborn Bitches Win Big. Red Lips, NP City & Ms Xoe Hall.

Kate Moss / Ellen Von Unworth

Kate Moss, photography by Ellen Von Unwerth (Vogue Italia, 1992); via Vfiles

A whole lotta love this January & February. Here is my list of goodness:

♥ Quality not quantity.

♥ My new MAC stash, especially my new lipstick in Russian Red; so matte, so good.

♥ Okay, this list of 25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier has some suggestions that made me go ohh. Like amplifying the sound of your mp3 player by placing it in a bowl, baby powder being an awesome post-beach sand remover and making a tray for half a dozen cupcakes by cutting crosses into the lid of a shoe box. Awesome!

♥ Gin cocktails & Reality TV. Me and my girl Maia know how to party.

♥ The Wellington Cup. I got dolled up and went along with my Mum, Dad, brother & his lady. It was a really fun day; my first ever time at Trentham and an excellent excuse to break out a pair of what I like to call my “sitting shoes” because they definitely are not made for much in the way of moving around. My folks are members so I got to hang out in the Member’s Lounge – wood-paneling and traditional airs contrasting wonderfully with the outré headwear and boisterous conversation – which is the perfect spot to hang out: mint seats and a private bar. Hell yeah. I also drank champagne out of a crystal winner’s cup; I don’t know who was more amused, me or the guys who’s celebratory shenanigans I tipsily jumped in on.

♥ Being far enough away from Central that the sirens give way to native birds singing; having a view of the horizon; a big wooden deck that warms in the sunshine. Home.

Ashley Smith by Ellen Von Unwerth

Ashley Smith, photography by Ellen Von Unworth; via Vfiles

♥ Eating at Pickle (posse time; shared an interesting menu with some of my favourite people, drank a delicious Jarjito*), Bin 44 (family time! First time at this place – the food was nothing to shimmy and shake about, but the service was rad) and Dragonfly (convoy time; fuck I love this restaurant – food, cocktails, service, atmosphere, everything; I feasted on eggplant and accidentally nailed myself to the wall with passionfruit caprioska slushies; superfun)

♥ The stubbornness that is holding my dreams together like superglue.

♥ Spending a week in New Plymouth with Cam at his folks’ place. So, so relaxing. The Taranaki coast is one of my favourite things about this country; it is beautiful in a different way to Wellington’s. Calmer. More powerful somehow. There is a restaurant called Arborio that rustled up an amazing vegan bruschetta with zero hassle and fucking impeccable service. See also: delicious guava daiquiri. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, pay them a visit, your belly will thank you.

♥ Lots more views on Kitchen Rebellion in the new year! Bring it; bring it BIG. YES YES YES.

♥ Dinner at Hede last month, catching up with a couple of friends on holiday from Melbourne**, during which I had my first taste of sake. As far as drinking strong, warm liquor can go down smooth, it went down very smooth… ahem.

* Being a Mojito in a jar
** Part of the ongoing Great Wellington-Melbourne Exodus

Bridget Hall by Ellen Von Unwerth

Bridget Hall, photography by Ellen Von Unwerth (Vogue UK, 1995); via Vfiles

♥ There are some sweet tutorials in this big ass list of how-tos: The World’s Best Sewing Tutorials over at Alinas Adventures. I am a shameless lover of rad storage options. Shameless.

♥ Catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in far too long, who introduced me to the beautiful secret that is Hashigo Zake; love her and love that bar. The craftiest of craft beer, good food, sweet & knowledgeable bogan bartenders.

Humanoid Robot Plays Motorhead’s Ace of Spaces. Irresistable.

♥ Reading about Scientology. I can’t get enough of The Crazy right now; it is insane, brutal stuff. I need to get my hands on a copy of Going Clear, the expose published recently; it was written by Lawrence Wright, an investigative journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

Xoe Hall! Xoe is one of my favourite local artists; her technicolour, pop-infused work can be seen around town lifting the game of businesses, gracing the walls of galleries, making the street sassier and, more recently, making the wardrobes of Wellington girls way more badass via Mortal Gods.

These are my five favourite pieces from her gallery:

Love Hurts by Xoe Hall

Love Hurts, 2012

Cute Kill by Xoe Hall

Cute Kill, 2012

The Geminis Battle For Sanity modified deck by Xoe Hall

The Geminis Battle for Sanity, 2012

Pyro Baby by Xoe Hall

Pyro Baby, 2012

Glitter Docs by Xoe Hall for Mortal Gods

Glitter docs for Mortal Gods

Check out Xoe’s site, and the Mortal Gods facebook page; there is lotsa crazy goodness to be had. You know you want in on the action! Right now I’m in the midst of arranging for a Mortal Gods Siouxsie Soux vest to be born. Cuz I need one. Hell yeah.


Here’s to an amazing March!

♥ ♥ ♥


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Thursday Night Love List: Lady Rebels, Fresh Air & Our Pirate Future

David Bowie & Elizabeth Taylor, Beverly Hills 1975; via ExShoesMe

Bring on spring, I say! I want more crisp mornings and cool sunshine; walking in town today was so invigorating. The atmosphere in Wellington on a wind-free, sunny day is something that never gets old, no matter how cynical I might get about this lil town sometimes.

I think the thing about me-and-Wellington is we need space every now and then; it has been time to start planning a holiday for a while and this week wheels started turning. The plan has evolved into a 3 week holiday split between Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sydney. Fuck. Yes. I am so excited! I’ve started with the to-do lists already!

Holiday-planning aside, right now I am lovin’…

Femke Hiemstra‘s art.

♥ A friend of mine describing herself as a “house cat” ♥ I am so right there with her; home is where it’s at. My life basically revolves around cooking delicious food and hanging out on the couch with Cam.

♥ The Pussy Riot phenomenon. These ladies are awesome. For good measure, here is an interview they did with Vice magazine a few days before their arrest.

♥ Queuing an epic playlist; so satisfying. Currently grooving on Amon Tobin; I always find his music so wildly immersive. You kinda forget that it’s coming in from the outside and hear it in your pores. When an album comes to an end, the emptiness of the silence is always a jolt. You don’t realise how filled up with music the space had become – it just kinda slides in a fits right. Sexy, smoothly erratic. Right this minute, I’m swimming in The Bridge; it’s a kinda jazzy, slippery, film noir summer atmosphere album. Perfect.

♥ I really love Camille Rose Garcia’s work; somehow her Alice In Wonderland illustrations had escaped my attention until recently.

♥ Downloading a bunch of new episodes and movies. TV exists through torrents in my house. The networks and their fiendish advertising can dig their claws in elsewhere.

ONLY THE YOUNG DIE YOUNG. Hat tip for the avalanche of punk rock eye candy and a playlist is made of gold!

♥ It’s not certain yet, but it looks like NZ is finally going to make same sex marriage legal! Last night the Marriage Equality Bill got voted through to the select committee stage. Something like 80% of NZers (and 100% of awesome people) support the Bill; fingers crossed that enough of our MPs finally feel the same way to get it passed into law.

♥ Being back at work this week, after a month of ruptured blood vessel-induced bed rest (ffs!). It feels sooo good to be back doin my thing at Cosmic.

♥ The Little Bird Unbakery. Aucklanders, I am insanely jealous that you live in the same town as this joint. Little Bird chocolate raw organic macaroons are the stuff that dreams are made of. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about them; seriously one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten.

Via Ffffound

♥ Crying out some bad news, putting it in perspective then sitting on the deck in the sunshine, looking at the sea. Life is good.

John Locke has been installing these phone booth public libraries around New York City as part of a project called the Department of Urban Betterment. This is such a cool idea.

♥ Have you heard of Network 21? It was a pirate TV channel that broadcast from midnight on Fridays for a few months in mid-80s London. Alexis Petridis talks a little about it here in an article about pirate television. As he points out, the whole exciting affair has made it’s way on to YouTube and includes, among other weird and wonderful clips, live Einsteurzende Neubauten footage, William Burroughs reciting poetry, Genesis P-Orridge & dream machines, excerpts from Andy Warhol’s Trash, and the Rolling Stones in drag.

♥ Teenage Death Cult, Justin Blyth’s collection for Blood Is The New Black; amazing.

♥ Dark hair and a heavy fringe

Yayoi Kusama, via Ffffound

♥ ♥ ♥

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Friday Love List: Cooking Up A Storm & Kids These Days

Embroidery on photographs is an amazing idea. I fucking love this.Via Candy Ping Pong; More here!


The back of the ladies’ toilet door at Enigma cafe on Courtenay Place


That door is always covered with the notes and scribblings of local misfits. Enigma happens to be the best cafe close to Cosmic on Manners St, which has been my focus at work lately (and I will be back to it soon: heal, leg, heal fast!). The courtyard out back is a really good spot to just hide away for a while – every now and then, I plonk myself on a table in front of the heaters with a pot of fruit tea and do some planning. I always have a few flashbacks to the old days, when it used to be Espressoholic (“open 8am ’til late am”) and I would regularly be in there to lounge around, smoking and studenting, sipping on the best soy chai latte around.


Nathaniel Goldberg for Harpers Bazaar, via Ffffound


Right now I have a whole lotta love for:

♥ Plotting from my couch throne.

Six Barrel Soda Co.  A boutique soda shop and cafe on Eva Street – I can’t wait to check this place out.

♥ It pleases me greatly that Karl Lagerfield is a crazy cat lady. From the article: “She eats with Karl at the table, twice a day, and her every action and emotion is recorded by the maids in a journal…” Love it.

♥ Auckland! NZers stereotypically love to hate it, but I think it is awesome. My being such a mess when I lived there five-or-so years ago got in the way of a full appreciation of the the place’s charms. It actually wasn’t until a holiday last November, spending a week chillin’ in the CBD sunshine, that I realised how cool it is. The inner city is so great, especially around High Street and the Britomart precinct. I miss the big sky; the more diverse, busier city; the tall, old buildings and everything being open late.

♥ The Wire. We just finished watching it through for the second time. Such an amazing, smart, hype-transcending TV show.

♥  Finding it hilarious how old and nefarious this article makes me feel: How Rave Music Conquered America

♥ “It’s the most valuable collection of western modern art outside Europe and the US.” Former queen of Iran on assembling Tehran’s art collection

♥ Cookbooks! I decided to grab a handful of vegan ones recently because, even though the internet is a jaw-dropping resource for all things food related, there is an indefinable something about flicking through a good book of recipes that makes cooking a lot more fun. Also, I can never return cookbooks to Central library on time, ever; checking out How It All Vegan every few months was becoming an expensive habit. Finally, it’s on my bookshelf permanently!


Heels by Hades, via Hades on Amazon.
As much as the words ‘steampunk fashion’ tend to colour me cynical, these shoes are fucking awesome.


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Keeping My Head Up + Monday List of Goodness

Belt by Mother of London. I covet every single item in her webstore!

Right now I am in recovery mode.

Thank fuck for the energy and strength that embracing wholefoods has given me, I would be a complete mess instead of a mini-mess otherwise.

What happened? I was standing up, giving my kittie a hug (she rules!), when I moved my leg and slipped a little, which caused something unfortunate to happen internally. Aaaargh! My doctor reckons I ruptured a blood vessel in my upper thigh. All I know is, I had been able to walk comfortably again, even run a little, do a little yoga and now I can’t. I had been able to sew again and now I can’t.

After being on the road to recovery for so long, finally feeling the warmth of the light at the end of the tunnel, I gotta admit I have been feeling really challenged by this new bump I gotta get over.

I have been laid up for a week and it is frustrating as hell – I’ve cried my way through a lot of tissues lately, that’s for sure. There have been a lot of deep breaths. I know that what I have to do to get through, though, is try to focus as much as possible on what I can do.

I can stretch out on the sofa with the laptop and write, research, set goals for Kitchen Rebellion. I can cross stitch and chart new designs. I can cook, carefully. I can dive into my documentary collection. I can motivate my shy ass to start networking online.

Dress by Marianna Barksdale, via Lancia.

Lissa’s List of Goodness:

♥ Recently Marilyn Manson was part of the Guardian’s ‘This Much I Know’ series. I think it’s a fun read.

♥ Starting Kitchen Rebellion! My brand new healthy food blog. I am excited and motivated about this project and have big plans! Watch this space:

♥ Obsessing over the kitties – they make such amazing shapes! I am such a cat lady. Vive le furry creatures!!!

♥ Being assigned a new role at work recently, and bringing myself around to seeing it as a great opportunity to flex different muscles and level up my management skills, instead of a sidetrack from visual merchandising. I am looking forward to making a lot more progress with my mission when I am back on my feet.

♥ JUICING. I asked Cam for a juicer for my birthday. Best idea ever. We have been juicing fruit and vegetables at least once daily since it arrived at the house mid-June. Love love love.

♥ Another birthday treat was a massage, and a haircut with one of the artistic directors at Cathy Davis Hair Design & Day Spa. I wish I could remember the name of the woman who cut my hair, she is truly fabulous!

♥ Havana’s organic espresso blend.

♥ The seaside drive from Owhiro Bay around to Lyall Bay. God help me if I ever live far from the ocean.

♥ “Senior citizens occupying a house is something we’ve never seen before.” Berlin’s ‘oldest squatters’ have taken over a community centre that has been marked for closure due to being in the way of someone’s real estate development plans. The youngest person involved is 67, the oldest 96.

♥ My lowriding black bloomers. Slinky.

John Robbins: Life on the Frontlines of the Food Revolution.

Today I have been appreciating the grey, misty sea view from my kitchen window, leftovers for late lunch (vegan stuffed capsicum – YUM) and snuggling up in my fluffy fur scarf.

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Tuesday Love List: No Diggity, No Doubt

 Via Ffffound

♥ Ginger beer; huge-ass 750ml bottles of ginger beer. Hell yeah.

♥ Making a game plan to cope with my frazzled nerves: I’ve let myself become super stressed out, worrying about things that I don’t need to. Time to refocus, move past this bump & get positive again.

♥ Date night! Just what I needed; I have the best boyfriend ever. Cam & I went out to the Roxy in Miramar, to see the Avengers (which was awesome; I love you, Robert Downey Jr) and have a lush dinner at CoCo, the theatre restaurant, beforehand. It was my first time at the Roxy and it was so, so much more satisfying than slumming it in the Reading complex. Tickets are cheaper, too, only $15 for an adult. The food and service (and cocktail list) at CoCo was amazing, we’ve already planned our next feast there! The Miramar locals are spoiled, I swear. There’s a lot of action happening in that little community.

♥ Baking a dozen vegan chocolate cupcakes. Icing them. Eating six.

♥ Visiting Newtown, which I hadn’t done in way too long. Opportunity for Animals ftw! I really like Newtown, it’s an eclectic as fuck part of town, real unpolished and down to earth. Reminds me of rainy student op-shop days & Port Royal rollies. In a good way.

♥ The following t-shirt, 100% on my want list:

Via Ffffound. This rocks my world so hard.

♥ My merchandising contract being extended! This has been my main work-related goal for the last three months, I’m proud that the hard work paid off. Part of my new game plan is going to be working out how to best keep cranking my Cosmic gig without it taking up space in my brain that 100% needs to be reserved for Acid Cult. Things feel kinda crazy at the moment, but I’m gonna figure it out and grow from the madness.

♥ Making a list of Wellington restaurants that have tempting menus, for future dining adventures.

♥ Taking the train out to Petone for the first time in years. Petone has this weird kind of charm; I lived there for a brief, mad whirlwind and have had a soft spot ever since. I love how the railroad from Wellington to the Hutt runs right alongside the harbour, the view is so wonderful. This particular day, my mum met me at Petone train station, and we drove out to a little cafe in Lower Hutt, called Shine, for a belated Mama’s Day lunch. Delicous food, good coffee (!!!) and it was fun hanging out with mum. It’s always good to catch up with her, get the family gossip!

Spiderbait‘s victorious cover of Black Betty.

♥ Speaking of which, I’ve been thrashing a ridic new walking soundtrack recently. Highlights: Blackstreet – No Diggity; Marilyn Manson – Little Horn (& also the Death Song); Sean Paul – Get Busy; Incubus – Certain Shade of Green; Tupac – California Love; Spiderbait – Black Betty; Eve – Who’s That Girl?

Via Ffffound

It’s gonna be allllll good.

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Tuesday Love List: Acid Cult & A Birthday Party

Jellyfish photography by marine biologist Alexander Semenov, via Ffffound

Nom nom hot cross bun season nom nom nom. Midnight snack? Check. List of radness? Check:

♥ The new bunch of Pennyroyal statement pendants! 😀 They’re in the Acid Cult shop right this minute – check ’em out here. My favourite is the Owlsies pendant, I made one for myself before I made one for anyone else haha.

♥ Having a love affair with the Naked & Famous‘ EPs.

♥ Being a visual merchandiser instead of a shop manager! Over the last month I’ve been settling in to the new role, making plans & getting a feel for what magic could happen. Getting paid to be myself is excellent. I recommend it to everyone.

♥ People going their own way. A few weeks ago I had a particularly rad couple of days of totally productive working-from-home on Acid Cult‘s next lines in the living room along with Cam who was working on a bunch of amazing future-tattoos & our friend Paul who is in the process of giving Evil in Eden‘s ( heavy as fuck) new tracks the producer’s touch. All humming away in the same space; creative bubbles aplenty.

♥ Phase three of my ultimate brownie recipe experiment, this time throwing in some chopped dark almond chocolate. I might post the recipe to this one, I think it’s approaching Sussed. Other exciting foodstuffs: vegan chilli quesadillas, funtimes with tofu jerky (!!!)

Livraria Lello bookstore in Portugal, via Ffffound

♥ How to Dance Goth. YES! 😀

♥ Discovering that it is HEAPS easier getting back into a routine if you don’t beat yourself up for falling out of it for a little while. It’s all about the big picture perspective.

♥ Super-exciting new jewellery supplies. I am having a love affair with sterling silver right now.

♥ The fact that your body will reward you so fast once you figure out how to be kind to it. For me this is: super-low dairy, no eggs, no processed foods & no meat except for fresh fish occasionally. BAM. That’s my deal. I’ve come to it over the last couple of years while I’ve been figuring my physical health out. It’s been a long, interesting road. I’m planning to start writing more here about getting healthy – wellness via amazing food is a topic I’ve become passionate about.

♥ Incubus’ album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. One of my favourite things about the late 90s. Scotty & I had an Incubusfest at Cosmic Manners St. on Sunday; nostalgia as. I still know all the words to some of those songs. A Certain Shade of Green 4 Lyf, y’all.

Coffee Cookie Cup, via Ffffound.  I want one of these so, so bad.

♥ Watching an excessive amount of documentaries. First, there was Documentary Heaven. Now I have added Top Documentary Films and Documentary Storm to the list as well.

♥ Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime cider. Mmm, candy.

♥ Maximo Riera makes bespoke furniture and it is unreal.

♥ Having black hair again!!! It was time. I am loving it. I always end up changing my hair big-time whenever I’m going through a transitional phase, it’s a part of the process for me, I think. It took a little getting used to, I didn’t recognise myself for a few days.

♥ Maia flying down from Auckland for her 21st party this weekend! She arrives Wednesday – we’ve got some plannin’ to do. Yes, indeed. It’s going to be a wild success! A couple of other friends are over from Melbourne in the next few days, and they’re staying at our house as well, so it’ll be a crazy week 😀

Leif Podhajsky’s Ascension, via Ffffound

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