Friday Love List: Cooking Up A Storm & Kids These Days

Embroidery on photographs is an amazing idea. I fucking love this.Via Candy Ping Pong; More here!


The back of the ladies’ toilet door at Enigma cafe on Courtenay Place


That door is always covered with the notes and scribblings of local misfits. Enigma happens to be the best cafe close to Cosmic on Manners St, which has been my focus at work lately (and I will be back to it soon: heal, leg, heal fast!). The courtyard out back is a really good spot to just hide away for a while – every now and then, I plonk myself on a table in front of the heaters with a pot of fruit tea and do some planning. I always have a few flashbacks to the old days, when it used to be Espressoholic (“open 8am ’til late am”) and I would regularly be in there to lounge around, smoking and studenting, sipping on the best soy chai latte around.


Nathaniel Goldberg for Harpers Bazaar, via Ffffound


Right now I have a whole lotta love for:

♥ Plotting from my couch throne.

Six Barrel Soda Co.  A boutique soda shop and cafe on Eva Street – I can’t wait to check this place out.

♥ It pleases me greatly that Karl Lagerfield is a crazy cat lady. From the article: “She eats with Karl at the table, twice a day, and her every action and emotion is recorded by the maids in a journal…” Love it.

♥ Auckland! NZers stereotypically love to hate it, but I think it is awesome. My being such a mess when I lived there five-or-so years ago got in the way of a full appreciation of the the place’s charms. It actually wasn’t until a holiday last November, spending a week chillin’ in the CBD sunshine, that I realised how cool it is. The inner city is so great, especially around High Street and the Britomart precinct. I miss the big sky; the more diverse, busier city; the tall, old buildings and everything being open late.

♥ The Wire. We just finished watching it through for the second time. Such an amazing, smart, hype-transcending TV show.

♥  Finding it hilarious how old and nefarious this article makes me feel: How Rave Music Conquered America

♥ “It’s the most valuable collection of western modern art outside Europe and the US.” Former queen of Iran on assembling Tehran’s art collection

♥ Cookbooks! I decided to grab a handful of vegan ones recently because, even though the internet is a jaw-dropping resource for all things food related, there is an indefinable something about flicking through a good book of recipes that makes cooking a lot more fun. Also, I can never return cookbooks to Central library on time, ever; checking out How It All Vegan every few months was becoming an expensive habit. Finally, it’s on my bookshelf permanently!


Heels by Hades, via Hades on Amazon.
As much as the words ‘steampunk fashion’ tend to colour me cynical, these shoes are fucking awesome.



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