Keeping My Head Up + Monday List of Goodness

Belt by Mother of London. I covet every single item in her webstore!

Right now I am in recovery mode.

Thank fuck for the energy and strength that embracing wholefoods has given me, I would be a complete mess instead of a mini-mess otherwise.

What happened? I was standing up, giving my kittie a hug (she rules!), when I moved my leg and slipped a little, which caused something unfortunate to happen internally. Aaaargh! My doctor reckons I ruptured a blood vessel in my upper thigh. All I know is, I had been able to walk comfortably again, even run a little, do a little yoga and now I can’t. I had been able to sew again and now I can’t.

After being on the road to recovery for so long, finally feeling the warmth of the light at the end of the tunnel, I gotta admit I have been feeling really challenged by this new bump I gotta get over.

I have been laid up for a week and it is frustrating as hell – I’ve cried my way through a lot of tissues lately, that’s for sure. There have been a lot of deep breaths. I know that what I have to do to get through, though, is try to focus as much as possible on what I can do.

I can stretch out on the sofa with the laptop and write, research, set goals for Kitchen Rebellion. I can cross stitch and chart new designs. I can cook, carefully. I can dive into my documentary collection. I can motivate my shy ass to start networking online.

Dress by Marianna Barksdale, via Lancia.

Lissa’s List of Goodness:

♥ Recently Marilyn Manson was part of the Guardian’s ‘This Much I Know’ series. I think it’s a fun read.

♥ Starting Kitchen Rebellion! My brand new healthy food blog. I am excited and motivated about this project and have big plans! Watch this space:

♥ Obsessing over the kitties – they make such amazing shapes! I am such a cat lady. Vive le furry creatures!!!

♥ Being assigned a new role at work recently, and bringing myself around to seeing it as a great opportunity to flex different muscles and level up my management skills, instead of a sidetrack from visual merchandising. I am looking forward to making a lot more progress with my mission when I am back on my feet.

♥ JUICING. I asked Cam for a juicer for my birthday. Best idea ever. We have been juicing fruit and vegetables at least once daily since it arrived at the house mid-June. Love love love.

♥ Another birthday treat was a massage, and a haircut with one of the artistic directors at Cathy Davis Hair Design & Day Spa. I wish I could remember the name of the woman who cut my hair, she is truly fabulous!

♥ Havana’s organic espresso blend.

♥ The seaside drive from Owhiro Bay around to Lyall Bay. God help me if I ever live far from the ocean.

♥ “Senior citizens occupying a house is something we’ve never seen before.” Berlin’s ‘oldest squatters’ have taken over a community centre that has been marked for closure due to being in the way of someone’s real estate development plans. The youngest person involved is 67, the oldest 96.

♥ My lowriding black bloomers. Slinky.

John Robbins: Life on the Frontlines of the Food Revolution.

Today I have been appreciating the grey, misty sea view from my kitchen window, leftovers for late lunch (vegan stuffed capsicum – YUM) and snuggling up in my fluffy fur scarf.


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