Tuesday Love List: Acid Cult & A Birthday Party

Jellyfish photography by marine biologist Alexander Semenov, via Ffffound

Nom nom hot cross bun season nom nom nom. Midnight snack? Check. List of radness? Check:

♥ The new bunch of Pennyroyal statement pendants! 😀 They’re in the Acid Cult shop right this minute – check ’em out here. My favourite is the Owlsies pendant, I made one for myself before I made one for anyone else haha.

♥ Having a love affair with the Naked & Famous‘ EPs.

♥ Being a visual merchandiser instead of a shop manager! Over the last month I’ve been settling in to the new role, making plans & getting a feel for what magic could happen. Getting paid to be myself is excellent. I recommend it to everyone.

♥ People going their own way. A few weeks ago I had a particularly rad couple of days of totally productive working-from-home on Acid Cult‘s next lines in the living room along with Cam who was working on a bunch of amazing future-tattoos & our friend Paul who is in the process of giving Evil in Eden‘s ( heavy as fuck) new tracks the producer’s touch. All humming away in the same space; creative bubbles aplenty.

♥ Phase three of my ultimate brownie recipe experiment, this time throwing in some chopped dark almond chocolate. I might post the recipe to this one, I think it’s approaching Sussed. Other exciting foodstuffs: vegan chilli quesadillas, funtimes with tofu jerky (!!!)

Livraria Lello bookstore in Portugal, via Ffffound

♥ How to Dance Goth. YES! 😀

♥ Discovering that it is HEAPS easier getting back into a routine if you don’t beat yourself up for falling out of it for a little while. It’s all about the big picture perspective.

♥ Super-exciting new jewellery supplies. I am having a love affair with sterling silver right now.

♥ The fact that your body will reward you so fast once you figure out how to be kind to it. For me this is: super-low dairy, no eggs, no processed foods & no meat except for fresh fish occasionally. BAM. That’s my deal. I’ve come to it over the last couple of years while I’ve been figuring my physical health out. It’s been a long, interesting road. I’m planning to start writing more here about getting healthy – wellness via amazing food is a topic I’ve become passionate about.

♥ Incubus’ album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. One of my favourite things about the late 90s. Scotty & I had an Incubusfest at Cosmic Manners St. on Sunday; nostalgia as. I still know all the words to some of those songs. A Certain Shade of Green 4 Lyf, y’all.

Coffee Cookie Cup, via Ffffound.  I want one of these so, so bad.

♥ Watching an excessive amount of documentaries. First, there was Documentary Heaven. Now I have added Top Documentary Films and Documentary Storm to the list as well.

♥ Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime cider. Mmm, candy.

♥ Maximo Riera makes bespoke furniture and it is unreal.

♥ Having black hair again!!! It was time. I am loving it. I always end up changing my hair big-time whenever I’m going through a transitional phase, it’s a part of the process for me, I think. It took a little getting used to, I didn’t recognise myself for a few days.

♥ Maia flying down from Auckland for her 21st party this weekend! She arrives Wednesday – we’ve got some plannin’ to do. Yes, indeed. It’s going to be a wild success! A couple of other friends are over from Melbourne in the next few days, and they’re staying at our house as well, so it’ll be a crazy week 😀

Leif Podhajsky’s Ascension, via Ffffound


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