First Display Window!

I’m three weeks in to my new contract as the Cosmic Wellington merchandising-magic lady. The verdict? Hell. Yes. Having a part-time gig like this is basically a dream come true and I plan to make the most of it. Merchandising is an intuitive, second-nature kind of thing for me; I love it. I even have to resist the urge to merchandise other stores when I’m shopping. Yes, I am a total dork. It works out ♥

The photos above are some snaps of my first ever display window for Cosmic. It was so much fun to put together. We decided to go with an Autumn theme, since it’s getting chillier about town. Incidentally, my hunt for autumn-style faux foliage  was a complete fail* because, apparently, it is “still summer.” Uhhh. I’m standing in front of counters wondering if these businesses realise they are operating in Wellington haha.

Next week’s Easter window is going to be so awesome…

PS: New neckwear up at Acid Cult. Just sayin’.

* A victory in the end, though. The roses I found instead are way better!

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