Wednesday Love List – Kicking Against The Pricks

This popped up, next to the Mill carpark in Wellington central, at the end of last year. It was awesome watching this slowly evolve into a complete piece; I love it. By BMD

Right now I am so fucking pissed off at the audacity of my property managers (do they ALL use their powers solely for evil?!); I have decided to channel that rage into a Love List, in an effort to redirect my energy towards something more positive than wishing a plague upon their collective houses.

The following things are awesome:

♥ Deciding to visit a Naturopath. Best money I have ever spent on my health, hands down. When it comes to chronic conditions, traditional western medicine is like the emperor with no clothes. That was one of the big lessons of 2011. I now have a treatment plan and an ally in becoming & staying well, and feel empowered about my ability to take control of my own health, rather than being at the mercy of an army of medical specialists.

♥ The sexy new Utorrent interface.

♥ Sushi for breakfast! Recent obsession; turns out that a vege snack box + large miso is an awesome way to dive into work.

♥ Treasure hunting for supplies and striking gold

♥ Binging on Atmosphere

♥ Geeking out with vegan cookbooks; I’m afraid to ask the library how much I owe them in late fines, so I snuck some new food love through when Cam needed a fantasy top-up!

♥ On the non-vegan food front: Inventing an awesome dairy-free tuna bake; cooking experiments are sooo satisfying when they turn out

Next to Aro preschool; makes me smile every time

♥ The beautiful shapes that my cats make; I love the kitties SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA (unless you, too, are a crazy cat lady*)

♥ Getting hit on by an amazing, drunk Karen Walker fan (the first time wearing that KW tee with the pearl necklace screen has paid off, to be honest! It looks great but is kinda unsatisfying to wear because the cotton is bollocks; there is no excuse to half-arse a t-shirt) while dining solo at Hede recently. I love the ruckus in there.

♥ Sucking it up and following my intuition; instant, life-changing payoff.

♥ Ditching mainstream media in favour of the blogs. 2011 was my year of the Media Diet; the lack of junk food news resulted in my becoming simultaneously much better informed and vastly more cynical. My New Zealand news is currently coming from: No Right Turn, The Dim Post, Tumeke (I ♥ Phoebe Fletcher), The Hand Mirror, Maui Street & Gordon Campbell (!). Fearfacts Exposed keeps an eye on the sordid situation at Fairfax Media. Outside of bloggers, Scoop is a great resource.

♥ My black wine glasses, that somehow make drinking feel sexy.

♥ Feeling as though I’m learning to let go of what’s unhelpful

Fruit painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz, via Ffffound

♥ Mission accomplished as far as setting up an awesome foundation for the Cosmic Clearance Shop goes – my biggest job yet, and I cranked it hard.

♥ Blobbing out on the couch, eating snacks & watching Real Housewives of Atlanta with Maia before she moved back up to Auckland; so good. Am having withdrawals.

♥ Getting paid to be myself; the best gig ever. Recommended for every single working human being on the planet. I’m convinced that everyone who feels straightlaced by their work environment needs to take immediate steps to remedy the situation, because their well-being depends on it. Life is too short to go with the corporate flow.

♥ Impromptu dinner dates with Cam; tonight we went out for Japanese. Nom nom Kazu nom nom. On the way home we met an amazing bernese mountain dog (the fluffiest, happiest most gorgeous lump of a dog ever!) 😀

♥ Learning to be a priority ninja

Yeah. Lotsa stuff.

Time to do some more treasure hunting.

*btw, crazy cat lady is a gender neutral term!


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