Change, Change, Change: Acid Cult & Moving Forward

Busy, exciting times!

This year is so big already.

I’ve decided to ditch the Etsy shop and sell my range of Pennyroyal wares via my new online shop, Acid Cult.

The name Acid Cult has been kicking around in my head for years. For me, it’s a succinct line in the sand. Pennyroyal didn’t feel right as my Shop name, but it’s always felt right as the name for my cross stitch & accessories. And Etsy just hasn’t been working – I don’t want to have to censor any of my cross stitch photos. I’m not down with that at all.

Simultaneously, I’ve resigned from my job managing the Cosmic Clearance shop and will be moving behind the scenes for a part-time gig as the visual merchandising fairy.

Change has been brewing for a while.

Time to pour a lot of energy into my own lil business and focus on building the life I want.

I’m superpsyched about being offered a merchandising contract with Cosmic, too. I have so much fun with it already, I can’t wait to be part of making all of the Wellington stores look stellar. In the midst of getting everything in place for Melz (who is going to rock it so hard) to take over managing Clearance, I’ve been formulating a game plan for the new job & how I’m going to make it work as well as I know it can WITHOUT having the new part-time hours take up full-time creative energy.

(I love this image and frustratingly didn’t note where it came from)

I’ve spent tonight tweaking the new shop, and slowly clarifying my direction. Saturday night geekouts are The.Best.

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