Art + Love: Upward

Upward by Ashley Church

Ash is supertalented, and also a total sweetheart!

This was part of her contribution to the Concerned Citizen’s ‘UNRECOGNISED’ exhibition, which featured an online auction fundraising for Active Stills, a group doing important work documenting the occupation in Palestine.

I fell in love with it and was lucky enough to win the auction ♥ such a beautiful photo.

Soulful and still.

It is going to take pride of place on the bad-ass-wall-of-inspiration-and-happiness that I am planning for my revamped studio space. I’ve made a plan to overhaul my creative environment – it’s about time! Time for a space that is solely dedicated to sewing, jewellery making, craft & collation & curating. A space focussed on stoking soulfire.

(I think if I was going to get knuckle tattoos, they would spell ‘soul fire’ … or ‘♥tea time’! )

I need to nurture Pennyroyal, which has taken a back seat to the logistics & long hours involved in setting up a sale shop for Cosmic at ye olde Cuba St store and helping things run smoothly down at the Mall store on Sunday. The upside is that spending a lot of hours at Cosmic has given my bank balance a much bigger smile than usual, which means that soon I’ll be investing in a whole lot of amazing new supplies!

I am soooo excited about the next range of Pennyroyal goodies!

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