Wednesday Love List: Dairy-Free, Unexpected Finds

I love these photos. Bowie is such a dude

♠ Working lots more than usual and feeling centred and grounded about it; being able to move around on my feet for so many hours, without ending up having to spend a lot of time in bed recovering from it, is amazing; sorting out the piercing for the Cuba Mall store, so fiddly & satisfying

♠ Following my parents big OE via Dad’s blog. Internet, you do amazing things

♠ New shoes! First pair in so long! Black leather strappy buckle wedges. Mi Piaci sale, i ♥ you; I’ve been coveting these babies ever since I laid eyes on them months and months ago

Vegan diet good times continue – eating a plant-based diet is proving to be fucking extraordinary for my health; maybe eating good food is the cure for a lot of problems. My life is a lot about food & nourishment lately (see below :-p)

♠ Kitchen-time. Discovering a new favourite vegan brownie recipe. Gorging self on said brownies. Cooking cooking cooking cooking; all killer no filler. Today I set up the laptop & our old speakers and listened to Dead Kennedys, the Detroit Cobras, Dilated Peoples and the Distillers, while making a whole bunch of vegan goodies: brownies, blueberry cupcakes, pumpkin & chickpea goulash, and wholemeal bread – second ever attempt with the shiny new breadmaker that, in the words of my flatmate Paul, “looks like R2D2” – it is so cool – fresh bread is one of the best things ever)

Pomodoro pizza. One of the most frustrating things about removing so many standard ingredients from my diet has been the massive reduction in non-DIY food options, which is why Pomodoro rule for having so many amazing vegan ingredients. Vegan-friendly + free delivery on Monday and Tuesday! This week’s experiment was a wild success: artichokes, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, roast potato, parsley, garlic oil, extra virgin olive oil; so, so delicious

♠ Breakfast & a movie; one of my all time favourite combos. This time around, discovered that Plum’s vege breakfast is just as amazing when you veganize it by nixing the eggs & hollandaise. Toast, avocado, slow-roasted tomato, mushrooms, spinach, hash browns & plum sauce. YUM. Also had an amazing veganized gluten-free vege cooked breakfast at Espressaholic this week

Kazu for dinner last Thursday night. Appreciating the amazing people around me ♥ treating myself to a lychee cocktail; planning future food adventures

♠ Discovering Rice Dream chocolate chai. Delicious

♠ Raw snacks. Instant-energy, life-giving goodness. Mexican sundried tomato crackers, superfoods trail clusters; Little Bird are heroes (I bought some of their sprouted buckwheat cereal today, too; almond, goji & yacon ♥ looking forward to trying it in the morning :D)

♠ Recent morning SUPERFOG:

 From our front yard, looking towards Welly harbour; such a gorgeous morning

 The view from the little path that leads down to Aro, looking towards Mt Vic ♥

♠ The wire elephant that the Death and the Dream Life of Elephants peeps used to advertise their Downstage show to passersby on Cuba Mall:

 A guy sitting nearby handed the curious a little slip of paper with the website address (linked above) printed on it

♠ Having a lightbulb moment about the cabochons for my next necklace collection; forgiving myself for getting sidetracked; moving forward with focus

♠ The Brokers With Hands On Their Faces blog

♠ Green tea! With a squeeze of lemon, peppermint-infused, jasmine, feijoa; new obsession

♠ NZ may be about to double its wind power with a massive windfarm in the Wairarapa

♠ After all these years, Bursting Through by Bic Runga is still one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard

 I have walked around the harbour so many times and never noticed this, tucked away in a corner near Te Papa

♥ ♥ ♥


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3 responses to “Wednesday Love List: Dairy-Free, Unexpected Finds

  1. I was searching about browni ,, but it is realy amaging blog , it also provides very good information. really very informative blog.

  2. :0 Those wedges are AMAHHHHZING! Love them! They look fab with those tights too.
    Also if you need any vegan recipes or tips do get in touch- have been at it for about a year now and loving it! I have a few cookie recipes up on the blog- will add more soon! xxx

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Ooh, those chai cookies look delicious; I ❤ chai so much! I've not experimented with vegan cookies yet, I might give these a go tomorrow; have you had any luck using pre-made egg replacer (e.g. Ener-G)?

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