Tuesday Love List

From Workin For The Man Via Ffffound

♠ Moving my whole shop over to Etsy 🙂 Pennyroyal

♠ Having an awesome job. Exciting times at work right now; the Brave New World of Cosmic has emerged on Cuba Mall. Next level! The opening party was last Friday, it was lots of fun – in my excitement I totally forgot to take any photos

♠ Cooking lots. Axing so much from my diet has lead a whole bunch of new deliciousness. I’m still getting frustrated by the lack of convenience foods, but my energy levels are getting better and better, and I’ve been able to spend full days moving around on my feet without having much trouble pain-wise until late evening. Sweeet. Today’s experiments: Quinoa flake porridge for breakfast, lentil bolognaise with wholemeal spaghetti for dinner, vegan plum cobbler for dessert

♠ The right song at the right time

♠ Head to toe nastiness-free beauty products. Trilogy, Sukin & a little Lush ♥

From Haute Macabre, via Ffffound

♠ Going on a cinematic rampage and downloading a bunch of movies that I’ve been meaning to watch/re-watch

♠ Central heating in winter! So, so good. For the last couple of months, visitors’ first words upon walking through the front door have been a variation on the theme “OMG SO WARM!” I didn’t know this level of comfort was possible for a Wellington flat ;-p

A capella 90s medley 😀

♠ My parents heading off on their first OE. It was so inspiring seeing them head off on such an epic adventure. Right now, they’re just outside of London and absolutely loving it!

♠ Amy Winehouse ♥ ♥ ♥ RIP lady

From Only The Young Die Young Via Ffffound

♠ Feeling grounded and peaceful

♠ There has been an 8% increase in people using public transport in Wellington. Rad!

♠ Winter layers, crisp air; honey lemon & ginger

♠ Tracking down vegan lunch in the CBD; it is forcing me to think outside the square, which can only be a good thing

Evil in Eden @ Medusa this Saturday! It is going to be excellent 😀

From Florence and the Machine, Via Ffffound

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