Thursday Love List: Birthday Fun & Action Plans

Brainless Tales, June 18th

♠ Marcus, the artist behind the above drawing, describes Brainless Tales as “weird daily art masquerading as a daily comic”. Whatever it is, I LOVE IT. Witty and so, so cute

♠ June 18th was my birthday! I had a little shindig at home Saturday night; the whole weekend was so great. Fancy cheese, lots of cider, unexpected gifts (Lush goodies; organic hot chocolate; ninjabreadmen cookie cutters; an amazing, handwritten poem ♥ ♥), couch-dancing, Motown, Jimi Hendrix and hanging out with a bunch of fucking amazing people; laying in bed with Cam all day Sunday. Best ever

♠ Potluck dinners! Went to my first ever potluck last week. We made an epic vege pasta bake, a mesclun salad, and brownies with greek yoghurt for dessert. Nom. There was so much amazing food; including homemade pizza, which is one of my favourite things in the world. Cozy lounge + eating with friends = uplifting evening

♠ Who wants to paint some moss graffiti??? This is so awesome

♠ Deciding to have a Pennyroyal stall at next month’s ArtTHORN market; it’s about time! I’m thinking about throwing some clothes and cupcakes into the mix, too; time to start planning 🙂

 Tattoo by Ryan Mason, via Needlebuzz

♠ Cooking! My desire to cook is cyclical. I’m on the up and up right now, feeling nourished and productive making awesome meals and a whole bunch of pudding. Winter motivates me, food-wise, it seems. Last night we had bean, tomato & cheese quesadillas, with a big handful of mesclun salad on the side 😀

♠ Quietly appreciating my surroundings

♠ The Poseidon Resort in Fiji – ‘The world’s first seafloor resort’. The introductory package is US$30,000 for a couple to stay for a week. Treetop bar, undersea restaurant, submarine driving lessons! HELL YES

♠ The afternoon I am building for myself. Planning + motivation = productivity. I accidentally stopped dayplanning! If I stop making daily action-plans, weeks can begin to drift by without my noticing. I am still figuring out the system that works best for me, but at least I’ve stopped winging it

♠ The wind gusting wildly outside

 Bowie mugshot, via Ffffound



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