Mind Over Matter

 From Piccsy, via That Obscure Object

Trying to focus my way out of this lame, dark situation my brain has sunk into since I arrived home from work.

Bouncing my thoughts off of that nanosecond of space in between them. Sending them into the ether where they can morph into something useful and soulful.

Learning how not to be my own worst enemy.

Potent stuff.

Hard work. Important work. Perhaps some of the most important, for you & I, as far as happiness and becoming-ourselves goes.

It is getting easier for me, slowly but surely. Guess it’s the same as with most things: practice practice practice and you’ll become a pro. One thing I’ve figured out is that pulling yourself out of a cycle of negative thoughts begins with awareness: the moment you recognise the downward spiral as you are feeding into it, you start drawing the power to stop yourself from stepping into that territory at all. Letting go of baggage is as easy-and-difficult as choosing not to dwell with it. It’s all about that split second and choosing to move beyond. Conscious evolution.

All that bullshit clinging to the inside of your head is just there to test you.
The Past, the Future, the fear & fuckedupness.

What if – if only – what if – if only – what if – if only…



Your freedom is there for the taking. Always.




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