Thursday Love List: The Rose Tint & TV Trash

From CRYPTGRMS, via Ffffound

♠ A strings trio playing Canon in D (one of my all time favourite songs, no lie) on Cuba Mall on Saturday; I was out and about for lunch and there they were, it was epic

♠ Salon-fresh hair; I am spoiled as fuck. Superblonde + fringe = 😀 Never underestimate the power of an amazing hairdresser! For the past year or so, I have been going to Blue Cactus

♠ Rekindling my love-affair with dark chocolate

♠ New neckwear up in the Pennyroyal shop!

♠ This coffin couch by Von Erickson

via Ffffound

♠ Dinner at Istanbul on Saturday; it was a friend’s birthday, lotsa fun. I love birthday dinners! I think that’s what I’m gonna do for mine this year. Istanbul is great; Saturday it was super-packed out and buzzing with the happy energy of full-bellied people getting dinnerdrunk. Belly dancing, immortal haloumi, lots of laughs. Also: discovering that cider doesn’t count as BYO (goddamn!)

♠ Meaning to go to two gigs after dinner on Saturday, but instead ending up hanging out at the Cuba St Bachelorette Pad, watching trashy reality TV housewives and giggling a lot ♥ ♥

♠ Spotted down Leftbank recently –

Snapped by Lissa; tag by Pntr

Snapped by Lissa; anon (if anyone knows who’s work this is, speak up!)

♠ Extravagant, productive thinking

♠ A ladybug landing on my finger while I was thinking about what to do for my birthday; I love ladybugs. Symbolism says that a ladybug landing on you will bring good fortune. I’m taking it as a sign that some kind of dinner party is the way to go; time for some restaurant research

♠ Clarissa Pinkola Estes is awesome; her book Women Who Run With the Wolves is the most inspiring, energising I’ve ever read. In the course of tracking down some interviews, I came across an article about her, from an old issue of Radiance Magazine; I love this –

I recalled the advice for her daughters that Estés had listed at the conference. 1) Be friendly but never tame. 2) Misbehave with integrity. 3) Don’t let the bastards grind you down!


♠ Insecurities dropping like flies; once you start, it’s like an avalanche…

♠ Getting one of the last handful of tickets to David Dallas’ album release party this weekend ♥ ♥ can’t wait! The Rose Tint is so fucking good. So fucking good

♠ Losing track of time while sewing sewing sewing; one of my favourite things

Dan Hillier‘s amazing altered engravings; from I Need a Guide, via Ffffound



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