Focus and Being Happy

from The Blank Page, via Ffffound

First of all, head to and grab his new album, The Rose Tint.  I downloaded it a couple of days ago and since then it hasn’t even been on heavy rotation, it stopped the rotation. It is awesome. Yes, it’s so good it transcends the love list!


♠ Taking lots of photos, slowly editing my way through them; I’ve been experimenting with finding a way of photographing my totes that does them justice

♠ Wellington is part of the Freecycle network. Awesome! Wares currently free to a good home include a fold out couch, a tea pot, and a small cupboard door

♠ The bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of tattoo machines; planning my next ones!

♠ I hadn’t heard about Salvador Dali’s collaboration with Disney (!)

♠ Being excited about getting my hair done tomorrow; roots begone, superblonde here I come! These days I am a shameless fan of pampering

Kristen Ferrell‘s new line of sunglasses, which are supercute and come with a case that features one of her weirdass-beautiful designs; KF rules, I love her work so much, and she’s a totally inspiring human being

♠ Starting a list of places to visit when Cam & I go to Sydney at the end of the year! Can’t wait for the overwhelm 😀

 from Dirty But Happy, via Ffffound

Thinking a lot about change lately. Change, and focus.

My relationship to my thoughts has changed a lot over the last couple of years, as I have become evermore aware of a bunch of very important things:

♠ Happiness is about choosing to become who we are

♠ Intuition is there for a reason; listen to it

♠ We are not our thoughts; we are the awareness behind them

♠ No one can let go for us;  we’ve got to drop the baggage ourselves

♠ We deserve to make a living doing something that we love to do; forging a path that follows our heart is up to us – fear is there to challenge you*

I used to have a crippling focus on what was going on inside my head, which tended towards a cycle of disempowering, clouded perspectives. Boo! I think this is a common phenomenon; it sucks, hard.

I wrote a lot, then; desperate layers of thought upon though upon thought. Maybe I was hoping that it’d help still my mind somehow. Over the last few years, as I have begun to believe in my dreams, the writing I have  been doing has changed completely: to-do lists, love-lists, lifebusiness plans. I never sit down and pour out an internal monologue anymore. But for some reason, I have felt as though this blog is lacking because there isn’t any o’ that going on here.

After 72 posts, I asked myself: “What do I want to do here?”

The answer isn’t internal monologues! Hell no. I have been clinging to the idea of blogs-past and it has been holding back this space. Right now, we got Love Lists, Pennyroyal news, a little music and a whole bunch of misc. Sweet! That’s a rad start.

* If you don’t know what you’d love doing (too many options? too few?) check out Danielle La Porte’s work over at; the first chapter of her Firestarter sessions was my Xmas present to myself last year and it clarified a whole lot of inklings; she is a total goddess!)

 by Claudia Crobatia, via Ffffound


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