Cake or Death?

By Lee Price, via Ffffound


Sunday Morning; this smorgasboard of awesome is freaking me out; amazing photos, the whole situation makes me smile big

♠ A little obsessed with Filth in the Beauty, also ♥

♠ Plans to visit Sydney later in the year; exciting! I’m gonna start making a To-Do list!

♠ Eating lots of fresh pasta this week; ravioli, gnocchi, pasta spirals with haloumi. Cold weather comfort food. Italian-style rules! It’s one of my favs

♠ Unexpected gifts from Nepal 😀 vanilla tea, mini prayer flags, handmade soap and an amazing deep purple pashmina/silk scarf

♠ Trusting that things will work out

♠ Remembering to drink water. I can’t overstate how much of a MIND BOGGLING DIFFERENCE drinking heaps of water makes to my energy levels. It is such a basic thing that it’s easy to brush off as something that can’t possibly have that much affect, but it does!

From, via Ffffound

Was supposed to be going to Against Me last night. Didn’t do so due to not wanting to turn my achy-bones-swollen-glands-and-cold combo into a ruthless beginning of winter flu-thing. Getting old, eh?

I gave my ticket to a friend from work, so at least I know it got put to good use!

Today is a lazy, get-well, restful Sunday. I am going to go for a stroll, listen to some tunes, take some photos and layby a couple of the new dresses that just landed at Cosmic.

The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to preparing a couple of Pennyroyal orders (my customers are so awesome ♥) and curling up with one of my eleven library books!

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2 responses to “Cake or Death?

  1. Jade

    “sunday morning” is super interesting – thanks for sharing it!
    I also see a sharp change when I don’t drink enough water (headaches, mood changes, not fun!). Found this blog from Gala Darling, and I’ll definitely be visiting again

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