Wednesday Love List

Via Ffffound

♠ The new Pennyroyal cross stitch tote! The sample is now my go-to bag. Check out the latest in the range here or there

♠ Building an epic fort with my flatmates in the lounge last Friday!!! It’s still in action 😀 Sunday, Maia and I curled up, ate popcorn, and watched documentaries and a bunch of Simpsons episodes, it was AWESOME

♠ Raw chocolate! I had never eaten this until I decided to have a relatively-raw day last Tuesday, and popped in to Commonsense Organics to pick up a bunch of things to nibble on during my shift at Cosmic. Apparently raw chocolate has up to double the amount of antioxidants than traditionally processed chocolate. It gave me an energy boost and was fucking delicious. Crazy texture, kind of dryvelvety

Crimethinc: Fighting in the New Terrain – What’s Changed Since the 20th Century? The Crimethinc collective are an amazing group of people

♠ Homemade-from-scratch pizza; more satisfying than any pizza you can buy. I splurged on buffalo mozzarella. YUM. Yay homecooking; it makes such a difference to my energy levels, which is something I tend to periodically forget in a whirlwind of takeaways and home deliveries

♠ An Easter selection-of-various-ciders mission. Old Mout: Boysencider; Feijoa + Apple. Highly recommended, especially the Boysencider; apple cider + boysenberry wine = WIN

♠ The Detroit Cobras, Eli “Paperboy” Reid

♠ My crystals: spirit quartz, an agate geode, amethyst and purple goldstone; I subconciously assembled varying shades of purple, which I think is great! They live in a little rosary pouch that I bought at a Catholic shop in Melbourne, and I take them everywhere

Sukin‘s moisture restoring shampoo, and conditioner. Poison-free and 100% awesome! My superbleached hair is the happiest it has been in ages. They’re a carbon neutral company, too

Via Ffffound


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