Wednesday Love List

Via Ffffound


♥ Getting heaps of positive feedback about the Pennyroyal shop 😀

♥ The new Movits! album, Ut ur min skalle. Swedish swing hip hop; so good I almost exploded. Watch the video for the first single, Sammy Davis Jr, here: I wasn’t keen on the keys at first, but it has grown on me something wicked. These guys would be amazing live, hopefully an NZ promotor brings ’em over this way at some point!

♥ My awesome workplace, Cosmic Corner, moving down the road to Cuba Mall. Right outside the bucket fountain! There are a bunch of exciting things in the pipeline for the new location (bands! coffee! epic new stock!); can’t wait to help set up Cosmic Cuba’s new home

♥ Successful cooking experimentation: parmesan-topped tuna rice bake

♥ Dancing around my bedroom

♥ Rediscovering X Ray Spex. Germfree Adolescents FTW. Poly Styrene is one of my ladyheroes

♥ Those enlightening moments when you realise you’ve become totally comfortable down-to-earth-legit with some aspect of your life/self that you used to have raging insecurity about; potent times

♥ Wellington Central Library. Oh, how I love you, Central! A good library is one of my favourite places in the world to be. One of the things that excites me most about the future-move to Sydney is how epic the public libraries’ collections must be over there! None of the nine libraries in the Sydney network are open as late as Welly is, though – must be all that coffee we drink :p

♥ No pants

♥ Practising acceptance; taking steps to boost my energy levels, rather than hating on myself for feeling demotivated lately (so counterproductive, that cycle of negativity! It took me so long to realise that there is actually another option). I think that a lot of people have trouble forgiving others because they struggle so deeply to forgive themselves;  gotta let go, look up, breath long

Via Ffffound

This afternoon’s agenda involves noodles & cider, followed by water & stretching, then sewing up a storm to bring the newest addition to the Pennyroyal Cross Stitch Totes range into being. Behind schedule, but on its way!



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