Live What You Love

Via FffoundVia Ffffound

Why have I been obsessing over finding a full time job?

Right now I have the best part time job in the world, and am starting to get Pennyroyal up and running.

What makes sense is diving headfirst into Pennyroyal. Stop being afraid of marketing – figure out a way that works for me. Keep adding to and evolving my range.

Over the last couple of weeks, a lot of little pieces have fallen in to place.

I feel more myself than ever.

Scott Campbell artBy Scott Campbell, via Ffffound

Love List –

Danielle La Porte. I’m sure I have included her in one of my lists before, but GODDAMN. She is one of the most life-affirming writers I have ever read; her writing confirmed for me what my intuition had always whispered

♠ Non-judgement. At any given moment we are all doing the best we can do. Compassion is revolutionary

♠ Appreciating just how much my body has bounced back since ze surgeries last year, rather than getting hung up on the healing yet to be done; I’m still not quite ready for yoga class, but I am stretching as much as I can at home.

♠ Spending hour upon happy hour rounding up supplies for the next batch of Pennyroyal goodness

♠ LOL and OMG making the Oxford English Dictionary. People are hating on this, but I think it’s great. Language evolves; that’s part of its Thing

Masters of Metal at Bodega this Friday; I’ve seen these guys once before, at the King’s Arms up in AK, and it was amazing. So much fun. I can’t wait for round two! I am assembling a convoy to come rock out 80s metal style with me ♥

Via Ffffound

Today is amazing. Blue sky crisp air.

The afternoon agenda is as follows:

♠ Stroll down the hill into town; absorb sweeping seaviews
♠ Visit Central library, distro business cards, go fabric shopping; take photos, obtain V8 vege juice
♠ Wander back up the hill, home; absorb sweeping seaviews (I try to make a point of stopping to appreciate just how mindblowing our landscape is)
♠ Start to get my head around inventory tracking and all o’ that fun admin stuff
♠ Get started on the next generation of Pennyroyal Cross Stitch Totes!



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