Pennyroyal Shop Updated

The new jewellery packaging, up up and away ♥

The Pennyroyal boutique has three new styles of cross stitch totes.
Radness At All Times, Cunt, and Wtf?! Check ’em out 🙂

Cross stitch is so much fun. At first I was going to frame the stitching, but it occurred to me that it would be awesome if I made ’em portable. Viola! The Pennyroyal Cross Stitch Tote was born.

To be honest, I am wondering if I may be the only person around who wants to walk around with a bag declaring “Cunt ♥” in cross stitch; guess we’ll find out!

I am SO EXCITED about the new necklaces I have been working on. Pretty, drapey layers of chain. Photos just as soon as I figure out how to do ’em justice.



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