Pennyroyal News – Lady Death Neckwear

Calmer, more connected. Taking deeper breaths.

I have been holding myself back. Planning, without doing. Talking myself out of taking risks. I know what needs to be done; it’s time to dive in and be true to my intuition. This is the year that I get Pennyroyal flying.

I have kept thinking to myself: “I just need to get this done, and that sorted out first”

Enough excuses.

I already have some awesome jewellery, and amazing, unique tote bags. I am so proud of all of them, and am brimming with excitement about what is in the pipeline.

I had been doubting my ideas and that stalled things. No longer!

Even posting this is kind of scary.

Here is Pennyroyal’s latest! The Lady Death Cameo Necklace:

antique white on black, victorian setting


baby blue on black


pastel pink on black


blood red on black, art deco setting


antique white on black

available in the brand new Pennyroyal boutique; made to order ♥

Last week I started experimenting with some more elaborate pieces; I can happily spend hour upon hour up to the elbows in chain!




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2 responses to “Pennyroyal News – Lady Death Neckwear

  1. Hutt Girl

    Good for you, stay positive your stuff is great!

    I’m really looking forward to my ring…was looking to get a regular cameo but this was just too gothically fabulous to pass up!

    If you’ll permit me a bit of unsolicited advice though…I hope you keep your jewellery etc listed on TradeMe as well. It’s a great platform with a lot of exposure. I would never have heard of you without it 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Thank you!

      The plan is to keep listing on Trade Me too 🙂

      I’m just about to pop off to the post shop to send your package – I hope you enjoy wearing your ring as much as I enjoyed making it ♥

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