Present With Presence – Feb Photos

For some reason, I have been reluctant to sit down and blog lately.

The year has had an incredible start.

Three themes for 2011:

I am loving finally living in an awesome flat again. So, so much space for my studio; stunning, sweeping seaviews; backyard looking out on to Aro Valley forest; a little deck for cider & sunworship; polished wood floors & high ceilings & good energy. It makes such a massive difference, when you feel at home in your house.

We’ve had a few randomfuntimes style nights, but no proper flatwarming yet. I’m pushing for a pajama party!

A few Saturdays ago. Impromptu fun. This year is also the year that I try to stop being one of those “hates all photos of herself” types. Less self-criticism = happier perspective.

I’ve been remembering to take my camera out and get snapping ♥

It was Cam’s birthday last month; we spent the afternoon wandering around the rockpools at Owhiro Bay. It was a shining bright sunny day, perfect for a beach mission.

There is something so invigorating about being near the ocean. I can’t imagine living far away from the sea.

Love, love, love…

♠ Choosing Big Cartel over Etsy and setting up my first online shop!!! Details soon as 😀

♠ The Melvins & High on Fire. Epic

♠ Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run With the Wolves; this book cost me $10 in late fees at the library, because I couldn’t bear to part with it before I’d finished; I am going to read it again, then again

♠ Bulmer’s pear cider; I wish I could buy these by the dozen and at the same time am kind of glad that I can’t…

♠ Confidently saying “hell no” to 95% of job vacancies that are, theoretically, a decent fit; I am only applying for roles that I’m sure I could enjoy, and really make my own. In my experience, doing it For The Money is a road to self-loathing

♠ Amon Tobin’s ‘Supermodified’. I’ve been in the mood for soundscapes; this album seeps right into your pores. Dark and uplifting – YUM

♠ I am greening my body/beauty regimes this year, and recently invested in some of Trilogy’s vital moisturising cream. It is pricey, but packed full of superstrength natural ingredients; my skin is lapping it up. Trilogy are the kind of cosmetic company I want to support: dedicated to ethical sourcing, against animal testing, Carbon Neutral

♠ Penny-the-kitten becoming an awesome little cat; our kitties rule! They make me so happy ♥

♠ Getting into the routine of drinking lots of water again. My head has been clearer, and I’ve had way more energy. A couple of litres of water a day makes your brain and body smile! Also: berry/LSA smoothies. So good

♠ Trailor Park Boys. One of the flatties has four seasons worth on DVD (old school these days, eh?); once you get a feel for the characters, it is so, so good

♠ Homecooking. As much as I love eating out, making dinner at home is cheaper and way, way more satisfying. Tonight: either haloumi salad & garlic bread or an epic hoisin tofu stir fry

My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected by the quake in Christchurch, and the devastating situation in Japan. It’s hard to know what to say in the face of such a catastrophic, heartbreaking situation.



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