Lazy Sunday & the Swing of Things

Via Ffffound

I had the best time at Medusa on Friday; I love being in a bar and having it be a sea of familiar faces – most of the Valve crew were there! so good! amazing people, superfun times. Everyone looking hot as hell. As per usual. And I forgot to take any photos, aside from snapping a million blurry pics of Cam and Frankie-the-cat after we got home, with the last of my post-outing energy (and before the pre-show chow mein of doom began to poison me).

No Love Lost played a wicked set – I can’t wait to see what they do this year. The new stuff is a-mazing live. Always a fun party ♥ Some of my favourite Wellington Moments have happened within those grimy walls during a NLL gig (or outside, up on the steps; back steps of Valve = OG motherfucker).

The vege chow mein I scoffed down before going out came back to haunt me in the early hours of Saturday morning. Ahhhhh! I am so glad I didn’t get sick at the gig, because it was a fucking awesome night! If i didn’t drink so little, I would have assumed I just had a monumental hangover: I spent most of Saturday either vomiting or trying not to vomit, finally managing to crawl out of bed around 8pm to go down the road for Nurofen and various cold beverages*.

Fast food attack aside, I have had a really great start to 2011. And there is so much awesome stuff on the horizon. I feel 500% more focused and honed in on myself than I did this time last year. Good shit.

Via Ffffound

There have been a bunch of developments on the Pennyroyal front:

♠ Ordering a whole lot of necklace supplies
♠ Finding a great supplier for slick packaging
♠ Learning the ins and outs of Etsy before I launch
♠ Having an epiphany about how to throw some kickass cross-stitch into the mix
♠ Getting PayPal sorted (As an aside, I really wish that Etsy had an alternative to PayPal – after they indefensibly cut their processing of WikiLeaks donations, I became even less of a fan than I already was)
♠ A friend who will be doing the festival circuit later this year is keen to distro my wares from her wheels. Help support a kick ass business while getting my bits & pieces out there? Yes, please!
♠ At this stage, I am aiming to launch on Etsy in three (!) weeks

As I get older, I find that I appreciate homes much more. One day I will own a house, and it will be incredible! Last week a friend was housesitting the most gorgeous place. It was all high ceilings and overstuffed couches; full of antiques and eclectic miscellaney. Photos everywhere, a vine-covered courtyard leading to a terraced garden full of flowers and fruit and veges. Just a fucking lush space to be in. It had the most amazing atmosphere – it radiated ‘home’ – an awesome location for lazy, casual drinks & dinner & chats with a few of my favourite people.

More things that are making me smile –

♠ Summer ciders; lots of ’em
♠ Freshly dyed hair
♠ Taking photos!
♠ Biglove
♠ Black lace tights; white satin camisoles
♠ Scoring an amazing new house; wooden floors + seaviews + space + cheap. Three cheers for a perfect home base pre-Sydney; can’t wait to move in – only 9 days to go
♠ Giving myself room to breathe
♠ Spontaneous gifts from wonderful people
♠ Samosas & spring rolls with chilli jam from the Cornerstore
♠ The Black Keys’ Brothers; have love will travel, baby
♠ My boy getting his favourite tattoo machine inked onto the back of his right hand; brave ♥ It looks BRILLIANT. Hands are such a good shape for tattoos

Via Ffffound

Last week I wandered up the road and, overlooking the harbour on a shinybrightsunny day, wrote my 2011 List of Action. Like New Year’s resolutions, but feister and more meaningful! Not “this is what I want to do” but “this is what I am going to do”. The list is evolving – I am using January as a planning month. Here’s one:

2011 List of Action
♥ Dive back into music

I logged on to for the first time in years today, to find a couple of amazing recommendations from friends that had been sitting there wallowing. Sister Devil by Sixx**, and A Woman A Man Walked By by Polly Jean Harvey and John Parish. YES.

I recently rediscovered a case of CDs that I had completely forgotten about. Opening it was like looking into a time capsule, it was fantastic.

But more than anything, I want some fucking amazing, jaw-dropping, beautiful and super-brand-new stuff to listen to. What’s happening now? I have no idea. It is kind of refreshing starting from scratch. These days the range of music I love is much, much more diverse than it was even a couple of years ago; hopefully it will be easier to hone in on new artists that make me go hell yes now that I’m not compelled to stick to jangly guitars and dark atmospheres! Newsflash in the Guardian today: apparently rock is dead. Again. Haha! What that really means is “the establishment is bored and is moving on to something else… until next time.”

“[genre] is dead” debates crack me up.

I am going to go listen to some local tunes this year, see what’s happening in Wellington right now. There must be a bunch of kickass stuff going on; I’m gonna find it!


* ginger beer, because it’s the best thing for settling your stomach, and blue Powerade (i.e smurf flavour), because it is magic
** Old goths die hard



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  1. How come you do not have your website viewable in mobile format? Can not view anything in my iPhone.

    • Sorry that you don’t have access.
      I think I have to upgrade my WP account to make mobile format happen, which isn’t feasible at the moment. Soon, I hope!

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