Recharged Batteries – Tattoo Fest & Pennyroyal

Via Ffffound

Good times…

♠ The NZ Tattoo & Art Festival! It was a blast; good vibes the whole time. I’m so glad that they’ve decided to make it a biannual event. Next time, maybe: more umbrellas up outside, heaps more food (!), an appropriate DJ (wtf was Mambo #5 doing coming through the speakers at a Tattoo Festival?), bands on mid-afternoon when the max. number of people are milling around

♠ Having a mini-holiday; tattoos, beer, lifesaver sunglasses, cider & catching up with Shel & dancing too much at the after-party, leather roses, Pukekura park, walking over giant sea-smoothed rocks to watch waves crash, the kind of blue-sky sunshine that make you feel in bloom, flowers for new parents, lounging in lush surrounds, two wise cats, homemade sushi & dinner on the deck; it was awesome to get out of town for a handful of days

♠ Sizzling hot early summer days

On their way ♥

♠ Designed a business card for Pennyroyal and ordered a whole bunch. I had no idea what job title to put on my card – “owner/operator” just sounds DULL – so I’ve left it blank, pending inspiration

♠ Sorting out business banking. Initially, I made the mistake of doing zero research and just opened up a couple of new accounts with the same bank I do my personal banking with (ANZ). I ended up with something workable but not at all ideal; today I closed those accounts and tomorrow I’m going to get myself a sweeter deal elsewhere (ASB)

♠ Crafting rings and sourcing stock for the Pennyroyal shop ♥ ♥ ♥ I still have a little while to go but I can almost taste the launch already!

MIA: ‘People forgot what it’s like to be punk’. I love her.

Bowie mugshot, via Ffffound


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