Against the Corporate Grindstone

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Didn’t get a second interview with Bendon, thank god!

During my lunch break at Cosmic on Saturday, as I was feasting on Satay Palace vege roti chanai ($6.80 – best deal ever!), I made a list of personal pros and cons about getting a job at a company like Bendon. I had been feeling iffy about it ever since I applied – which is a warning sign that I should have honored; intuition knows best – and the call to come in for an interview was somewhat bittersweet.

The pros went something like:
♠ Recognised brand in Sydney (where I will be moving in 2011)
♠ Full time hours (i.e. full time paycheck)
♠ Rad for CV
♠ Managerial responsibility in a different company

and the cons:
♠ Possible authenticity issues
♠ Full time hours within a rigid structure
♠ Far less freedom
♠ Less diverse customer base
♠ A much more formal working environment

Saturday evening, sitting upstairs in Starbucks on Lambton Quay, waiting for the Store Manager to arrive for an initial interview, I was wondering “now how the fuck is THIS being true to yourself, lady?!”

The temptation was there to just get up and leave, but I chose to stay and see it through. After all, full-time work for a multinational company that has stores in Sydney seemed like a logical, worthwhile goal and I figured I might as well give it a shot. At the very least, maybe I’d learn something from the interview process.

During the interview, as I was asked generic question after generic question by the lovely, well-meaning store manager, my true-self kept knocking in my head asking “Lissa, what the hell are you doing here, trying to convince a blank-eyed corporate that you want to be just like them, all for the sake of a full-time paycheck and a name on a CV? It’s Inland Revenue all over again!”

What the hell indeed. It didn’t work then and it sure as fuck won’t work now.

Aren’t there a bunch of other, non-corporate, ways to gather funds to fuel my goals? Hell yes, there are!

One of the most important things I have learned through working at Cosmic Corner is that Cash vs. Freedom doesn’t necessarily have to be an either/or scenario.

After the interview, fleeing Starbucks and ditching my uncomfortable heels, I flipped open my notebook and jotted down my ‘Ideal Sweetest-Deal’ work-wise, trying to suss out what would enable me to honor all of my financial obligations, while saving a load of cash in the lead-up to moving to Sydney next year:

Keep working at Cosmic, grabbing as many extra hours as I can, all the while…
getting another part-time job in a progressive/alt. business to amp up my income, aaaaand…
giving the set-up of Pennyroyal on Etsy some serious time and energy, fears begone, because I know deep down I can nail it

So that is now my Deal.

I hearby declare that I will not apply for a shite corporate job ever again; not even if it involves hot lingerie.

My soul is thanking me already.


Via Ffffound



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