Lazy Sunday

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♠ Days that feel like Summer

♠ The pub down the road having a resident cat; all pubs should have a resident cat!

Suu Kyi too hot for Asia’s most brutal regime to handle – After being under house arrest for almost two decades, Aung San Suu Kyi may be free next week!

♠ Halloween! We had a gathering at home, talked shit and listened to a bunch of cool tunes. It was great. Cider, casual playlist wars, Blondie meowmix, impromptu dancing. It has been ages since I’ve been able to party a little; ♥ my amazing friends & incredible boyfriend; they rule.

♠ Hanging out with my folks; they are cool people

♠ Making lists

♠ Better Off Ted! A series that irreverently takes the piss out of soulless multinational corporations? Yes please! A friend recommended that I check it out, saying it was a rad satire, and indeed. So keen.

♠ Reading a Vivienne Westwood biography with Penny-the-cat curled up on my chest

♠ The Now This Is Gothic Tumblr. (Old goths dye hard)

♠ Catching up with my friend Liz, who took a weekend escape to Wellington recently, over fruit tea and chocolate; I am so proud of an inspired by her! I really do have to get up to Auckland for a visit soon

♠ Being tempted to take the BMX in the spare room for a joyride around Brooklyn

♠ Friday, giving myself a one snakebite limit, I rolled up to Medusa nana-style to see Cripple Mr. Onion, Zerstiren and Elephant of the Ocean. I still can’t bounce around at all, so I set up shop in the booths and let the party come to me! It was a rad night; I left before Cripple played – one of these days I will manage to see those guys! everyone tells me they are fucking rad! – so can’t vouch for their set, but Zerstiren were awesome (with the added sweet layer of being stoked to see a friend kicking ass) and so were Elephant of the Ocean, who I think everyone in Wellington should check out when they play at San Fran next Friday

♠ Fancy face masks that make me feel all glowy; yay Decleor Source D’Eclat

Dessa‘s ‘A Badly Broken Code’. MIND BLOWING. You may very well need this album

♠ The revolution of absorbing simple, soulful truths

Danielle LaPorte; she is an ass-kicking goddess-philosopher and I fucking love her!

♠ Cam gets home from a week livin’ it up in Sydney tomorrow! Can’t wait 😀

Via Ffffound




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