On The Mend

Mr Cleese by Brian Ewing

One week since surgery! I am starting to move around pretty damn well, even though I still need painkillers to do it. Attempting to stave off cabin fever and take it super slow at the moment.

The night nurse told me that my sleeve is one of two she has ever liked; “beautiful, tasteful & sweet” awww; she even brought another of the nurses into my room and asked whether I minded showing her my arm, it was cool as. I was looked after so fantastically – Southern Cross is great. Their facilities are awesome, rooms super-comfortable and the food is all fancy-like; I had a vege crepe stack for dinner and apple crumble with cream for dessert (I am easy to impress, really: make my belly happy and there you go!). It is a much friendlier space to be in than Wellington Public, but the nurses who looked after me after my public surgery in April were just as attentive, talented and wonderful as the ones who took care of me this time around: note to government – give these people more money! lots of it! immediately!

Happy places:

♠ Healing, slowly but surely

♠ My refashioned bellybutton ♥

♠ Bundling up my first Pennyroyal sales in pretty packaging and sending them out into the world, so exciting!

♠ Mum loving my foot tattoos; she is a cool lady

♠ The smell of old book pages

♠ Heaps of pizza

♠ Sons of Anarchy. Just finished watching season one. OMG! New favourite. Also, the Walking Dead, a brand new series set in our world post zombie-apocalypse. Sold. The first episode doesn’t screen until halloween but, as always, there are torrents around

♠ Charles MacKay, renegade mayor of Whanganui circa 1920

♠ My purple Staedtler fineliner; makes taking notes so much more fun

There is a lot of stuff in the pipeline that I can’t move towards as fast as I would like, at the moment, because my health has to be the priority. Instead of embracing that, and working to my limits, I have been fighting it and getting more and more frustrated at what I can’t do; right now I am make an effort to breathe deep and be content with the bunch of things that I can do…

♠ Read! Lots and often!
♠ Business plans and brainstorms for Pennyroyal
♠ Begin my ‘Loose Ends 2010’ list
♠ Bake treats
♠ Meditate
♠ Get a kick ass CV and a bunch of cover letters ready for when I’m able to launch another attack on the working world

By Ana Bagayan, via Creep Machine

Remember remember remember: You can do anything you put your head and your heart into; dive deep with self-acceptance, self-confidence, vision, motivation, energy.

Every time a negative thought comes up, nix it and visualize your dream life.


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