All Tomorrow’s Parties

Vogue, October 2010


♠ David Attenborough

♠ The lovely owners of Simply Paris giving Ishtar and I a big bag full of end-of-day breads each. Also, they have the most beautiful little daughter – hearing a toddler speak french is just the. cutest. ever

♠ Everything coming together

♠ A dude of a tour manager putting my name on the door for a sure-to-be-sweet gig next weekend, just in case I’m well enough post-surgery to get my dance on!

♠ Unexpected cash

♠ Dragging myself out of lame moods successfully ♥ I feel this is an important thing to master and I find it so hard a lot of the time; it’s absolutely always worth the effort if I can think my way into gathering the energy

♠ Peach crumble for dinner

♠ The NZ Tattoo & Art Festival; coming up next month, can’t wait! I’ll be lending a hand in amongst checking out the spectacle – I figure that a) volunteering there will be a cool experience and b) I think I’ll have more fun if I can be involved as well as be a spectator; all the cake etc

♠ Scandalous, trashy books about the fashion industry and the book of Vice Dos & Don’ts


The Sleepwalkers (panel 3) by Camille Rose Garcia

Camillie Rose Garcia is one of my favourite artists; I just fucking love her. I want to dress in the spirit of her paintings.

I am having some logistical issues with Paypal, which are preventing me from getting an Etsy shop up and running, so for now the Pennyroyal parlour is on Trade Me. The first batch of rings are now up for grabs! Hurrah! Check them out here: Pennyroyal ♥

Tomorrow is my keyhole-surgery day. Even though I know a laparoscopy is a simple procedure, I must admit my stomach is getting a bit fluttery. Last time I didn’t have any chance to think about it! For the most part, I just have all fingers and toes crossed that my surgeon is able to laser off some adhesions and put me on the road to full recovery. That would be truly awesome.

Despite the nerves, I do feel really well prepared. My anaesthestist called on Friday to give me an idea of what will happen pre, during and post-op and also to give me the pre-op looking-after-myself run down, which involved instructions to staying as warm as possible, eating and drinking frequently and getting lots of rest.

It will be interesting to see the differences between a private and public hospital stay.

I should be back home Wednesday morning, quite sore but all ready for recovery.


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