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♠ Having an amazing job

♠ Taking photos of my rings! Tomorrow the first batch will be up on Trade Me; I’m proud that this project is coming to fruition ♥

♠ Hermes spring 2011

David Bowie’s Book Of One Hundred Archive ObjectsAwesome

♠ Being able to stay inside and listen to the wind roar and rain fall

♠ Waiting for a gap in the rain so I can hobble down the road for some sort of delicious confection

♠ Torrents. All the media you ever wanted and no advertising; anyone with a good internet connection might as well unplug their TV; no TV is the Way

I have been trying to reconnect with news lately. It seems more and more important to me to have something of an idea about what is going on, especially politically.

When I was younger, studying politics and armed with a more strident ideology, I surrounded myself with it every day and *loved* it. In the last five years I have swung between reading the daily paper obsessively and trawling through a mass of RSS feeds every day to having a virtually non-existent interest in current events. In the last year or so, I have discovered that while too much news is overwhelming and depressing, too little makes me feel as though I am lacking information about the sneaky tricks of powerful people (journalists, corporates, politicians).

You have to be careful! Media can make you so cynical about people and the planet, which totally isn’t fair on anyone, least of all yourself. I am trying to strike a balance and be informed without becoming weighed down.

I have found that too much contact with the Dominion Post, New Zealand Herald et al makes me despair for the future of humanity. The mainstream media is secular society’s opiate of the masses. Spend too much time in its clutches and you may become needlessly frightened, ignorantly cynical and in danger of voting National. Terrible stuff.

My favourite news sources at the moment are: The Dim Post, No Right Turn, Tu Meke, Scoop and Indymedia.


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