Up and Up

By K GUY (check out the gallery!) via Wooster Collective

I love his Lovehate print. One day, one will be mine!


♠ Licking cupcake batter; heaps of it

♠ The Tax Justice campaign

♠ My new Crystal deodorant; zero frightening ingredients, which is rare

♠ The weather getting warmer, days getting longer; people out and about, smiling in the sunshine; bring on Summer, I say!

♠ Curly fries for dinner

On the road with one of Cairo’s first female taxi divers. Enas Hammam is awesome ♥

♠ Lots of recent magazines to burrow into bed with

♠ Penny-the-little-cat. She is so cool

♠ Excitement about the Big Day Out. My goal health-wise is to be 100% able to go there and jump around like a mad thing 😀

♠ Watching Get Him to the Greek last night; it was way better than I thought – it has been ages since I laughed so hard during a film

Via Ffffound

…I want her hair!

It is a challenge to stay motivated during the times that I am unable to move around well or sit comfortably, but I am doin’ it (mostly), and every day trying to move forward, even just a tiny step, towards my goal of getting Pennyroyal up and running successfully.


One of the lessons learned this week is that taking good, detailed photos is very tricky with a years-old digital camera. This is going to delay getting my rings all up on sale and ripe for the plucking, which is a setback, but (I am telling myself emphatically) not a massive one.

In the interests of general sanity, I am refusing to time-pressure myself; that is so easy to do and so counterproductive.

Today I did managed to get a little bit of sewing done! AMAZING! There are so many projects just rearing to go, the moment I can sit down and really SEW again, it is going to be so great.



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