Newsbites 28/09/10

Italian sculptor Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘L.O.V.E.’ installation in front of the stock exchange palace in Milan.

Provocative finger sculpture unveiled in Milan – See above. AWESOME.

Kiwi scientists make atomic ‘breakthrough’ – “Dr Andersen said within three weeks of first trapping the atom, new experiments previously not thought possible were under way.” Physics is amazing.

Twin lemurs born at Hamilton Zoo – All together now: LEMURS!!!!

Beyond God and atheism: Why I am a ‘possibilian’: “I don’t think the important goal should be to fight for a particular story in the absence of strong evidence; it should be to explore and celebrate the vast possibilities.”

Titanium foam builds Wolverine bones – “What’s more, the foam is porous, so the bone can grow around and within it, truly integrating the implant with the skeleton.” Cyborg as.

High-Speed Videos: The Hidden World of Insect Flights – This is so cool; I love the ladybug video!


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