Cupcake Day

Lee Friedlander self-portrait; Westport, Connecticut 1968. Via Ffffound

Cosmic on Cuba St had a cupcake fundraiser for the SPCA this past weekend. Technically, Cupcake Day is supposed to be today, but Ish decided to do it during a busier time so we could entice more people with sweet treats!

Ish and I held down the fort during the day on Saturday, it was lots of fun. We made an awesome, irresistable display. There were SO MANY CUPCAKES, the smell of sugary-sweet baked goods was making us salivate allll day.

I was late for work due to running a last minute icing-and-sprinkles gauntlet :-p As far as lateness for work goes, though, icing cakes for the animals must be up there in the top 5 best excuses. Photos to come!

Fundraising-baking has given me a little cupcake fever. Yesterday afternoon I made a double batch of chocolate (with chocolate icing squiggles, chocolate sprinkles and a peppermint Poppit on top) and orange (with orange icing and candy sprinkles, half with blueberries as well); we’ve been reaping the delicious rewards ever since. There are three left, soon to be two… YUM ♥

Up, up…

♠ Using the time I have to spend away from class due to post-surgery pain productively and steadily working on the range of rings

♠ Knowing that everything will work out in the end

♠ Eating lots of cupcakes

♠ Leggings; pants-free ftw

♠ The weather getting warmer; Wellington is such a tease sometimes

♠ Discovering that the company Tech gets it’s patternmaking equipment from has an online store – best find in ages!

♠ Ordering a whole bunch of ring shanks – exciting times ♥

Facebook Should Stop Censoring Marijuana Legalization Campaign Ads – They sure should. | “Twenty years ago today, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 became law. ” 28/08/10 at No Right Turn. | Don’t pine for our clean green brand, stop GE! – This “brand NZ” crap is nonsense, the Greens should stay right away from it. But I love them for having an anti-GE stance. History is slowly proving the hippies right, after all.| From Adding Noughts in Vain: How Hard Would Dramatic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Really Be? “…the sooner big business stops paying lobbyists to derail change and starts paying engineers to work out how to solve the problem, the better.”



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