Misuse of Drugs Act Amendment Bill

Via somethingmyrthe on DeviantArt

There is some tediously ignorant, draconian stuff in the Misuse of Drugs Act Amendment Bill.

From NORML via Scoop: Cannabis Pipes Must Not Be Outlawed.

“A proposed Bill that would see smoking devices like pipes, bongs, and vapourisers outlawed will increase the harm to the community from drugs, as banning such items would only encourage young Kiwis to use cannabis in more damaging ways.”

This is absolutely true. Why must the opinions of politicians always lag 40 years behind everyone else?

Heaps of New Zealanders smoke weed, people from all walks of life and all ages. This is a good thing. It could be a really positive part of our culture, and in fact for the most part already is. The negative aspects are caused by it’s criminalisation and will be heavily reduced upon bringing the industry above ground. This has been proven. Repeatedly. Prosecuting the cannabis community is a complete waste of governmental resources and causes far, far more harm than good. This has been proven. Repeatedly.


Do we really have to wait until California & Co. have convinced the US to decriminalise* weed before the NZ government finally feels comfortable doing what’s logical? Probably. Goddamn them.

Politicians… they’re just a bit dim…

Us proles can add our futile $0.02 by making an online submission to the Select Committee here. The closing date for submissions is 29th September 2010.


* California is going one step better – in November they’ll be voting on legalisation!


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