Surgery Postscript / Fuck You Roald Dahl

Jason Thielke – Escape into Life; via Fffound

I’ve updated the Projects & Contact page to reflect evolving plans 🙂

My right ovary has started giving me shit again. Damn you, ovary! I wish my ladyparts could just be happy, it’s so frustrating not being able to sew, and having to miss class because I can’t stand up for extended periods (it is an unfortunate truth that you can’t sit down while drafting patterns). Thankfully, a trip to my doctor* procured a box full of strong painkillers and, after some minor bungling and ineptitude, an appointment for free pelvic and abdominal scans two days later.

via Ffffound

Off I went to my scans, to once again be prodded uncomfortably for what seems like an unnecessary amount of time (ah, vag-cam … I did not miss thee), and emerged so sore that I had to take the bus home rather than going back to course. Lame! At least the woman who did the scan was lovely. Though she did tell me a thoroughly unpleasant fact when she saw my foot tattoos – Roald Dahl beat his wife.


It’s always really disappointing when you’ve appreciated a person’s work for a long time only to find out that they’ve been an abusive piece of shit. I have much less respect for Roald Dahl now. Cam is going to cover up my Willie Wonka (whom he has started referring to as “Willie Wifebeater”) tatt with a black rose and “some swirly bits”. Sweet.

I’m keeping Matilda because I chose to get a tattoo of her due to my history with and long love for the story. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an amazing story, but in my girlhood I didn’t grab hold of Charlie in quite the same way as I did Matilda. Getting the Willie tattoo was more about my appreciation of the author. Shoulda researched that one first, eh?

Oh well, win some lose some. I’m just glad Cam can change it!

Anyway, the doctor should be able to tell me about the scan early next week. Fingers crossed it’s a “we can do something about this” situation rather than the “it’ll go away eventually, have this inadequate supply of painkillers in the meantime” situation I fear.

via Ffffound


* who will not be my doctor for very much longer as he reminds me too much of Ricky Gervais


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