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It’s been a while! The last X amount of time has been wonderful; lots of ideas and action. Zero motivation to blog, however. I have jotted down a couple of things along the way:

“The weekend was awesome. Work; long lunch with Cam and Shell; Matty P’s birthday gig at his place, dancing to new No Love Lost songs and Kyuss covers, talking smack and smiling a lot; Sunday in bed with Big Bang Theory, kittens and amazing company.”

“An incredible time of late!”

The prospect of moving to Sydney next year has required a COMPLETE overhaul of near-future plans, which rather than being frightening has left me feeling exhilerated and so psyched about the possibilities! All of a sudden I could be doing the rest of my fashion upskilling and business start-up somewhere BIG. One step at a time and before you know it…

via Ffffound

♠ Planning for my range of rings! I’m so excited about this project 😀

♠ Stayin’ positive despite the soreness

♠ Moving to Sydney next year with Cam ♥

♠ Getting more work done on my sleeve (yay home studio)

♠ Sexy new lingerie from Bendon. The changing rooms in the Lambton Quay store make it even more of a pleasure to be in there

♠ Having super-blonde hair again; just need to lift a little more of the yellow-tone near the roots!

♠ Zazzy sour candy stripes; 60 cents, let the good times roll

♠ Moving out of our flat and into somewhere awesome (if we can find someone to take over the lease – fingers crossed!)

♠ The Wire. Cam and I are total converts; we’re 2/3 way through season four right now and it is just so good

♠ Having an industrial sewing machine at home. Yuss!!! I’m still getting used to its idiosyncracies, but with a little more practice time I’ll be able to sew up a storm at home. As soon as I am physically able to operate the machine again :-p

♠ Cheese pizza. KEEN AS

♠ Cupcake Day tomorrow (Saturday 28th) at Cosmic Corner! We are raising money for the SPCA – come buy some treats!

♠ Tramadol. Currently preventing me from being completely useless

Afghan elections: Record number of women stand for parliament – “Despite everyday prejudice and Taliban death threats a record number of female candidates are standing in September polls.” – Amazing, brave women. Good luck to them in their struggle. | Columbia and Venezuela make peace | WikiLeaks preparing to release more Afghan files – “He gave no specific timeframe for their release, but he said that his organisation was about halfway through 15,000 or so secret files previously held back from publication. ” Wikileaks is doing excellent work, long may it continue!| Sow crates could be in our past if Green Bill gets support

Lots of good things happen and are happening, but you wouldn’t think so by reading almost any given news source. It’s not all bad out there! People and communities are doing amazing, life-giving things every day.

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