Damn You, MoreFM

Batgirl Will Save Us by Gaetan Henrioux. Via Ffffound


♠ Having my face licked right off by the friendliest of kittens

♠ My amazing mum ran a half-marathon last Sunday. Isn’t that just so damn cool? I am extremely proud of her

♠ A kete full of mandarins, apples, oranges and kiwifruit; winter cold begone!

Goverment confirms mining backdown. YES!!!

♠ Henry Rollins and William Shatner

♠ Happy, productive days despite extreme tiredness

♠ Making a draft, block and pattern for a skirt this week ♥

♠ Feeling centred and more focussed than ever

♠ Kitchen-time. When I’m in the mood for it, making food is one of my favourite things (and when I’m not in the mood for it, you just watch me laze on down the road to get fish n chips three nights a week). Tonight involved vege stir fried rice and bluberry-orange muffins. YUM. So satisfying

Gutted that I’m not at all keen on 85% of M.I.A’s new album! Arular and Kala are solidly awesome A thru Z, so I had high hopes. The only two tracks on Maya that grab hold for me are ‘Born Free’ and ‘Meds and Feds’ (which is amazing).

Trawling mp3boo is definitely worthwhile. Along with a whole bunch of sweet albums, there is many a bonus laugh to be had. This amuses me on many levels: A Bullet for Pretty Boy; as does this: Leaves’ Eyes; and this: Blood on the Dance Floor (!).

Unable to sleep due to excitement about a certain someone arriving home tomorrowday! Instead, I am combining the following elements: Hot chocolate + muffin + kitten + hot water bottle.

Via Ffffound


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