Little Victories

Illustration by Bohumil Stepan for The Green Mare by Marcel Aymé (1966). Via A Journey Round My Skull


♠ Patternmaking being AMAZING. Our first project is making a quilt; it is going to be my nana-blanket 😀

♠ A productive Sunday afternoon filtering and photoshopping my way to a few logo designs for the soon-to-be Etsy store – I love how they’ve come together!

♠ Beginning to make a list of rad things to do next time I’m in Melbourne

♠ 7 Days (TV3, Friday night. Do it!). Taking the piss out of politicians, the media, celebrities, each other and everyone else. ♥ Dai Henwood

♠ Outrageous Fortune being back! Mulled wine, bread&cheese, sweet company and one of the best shows ever makes for an awesome Tuesday night

♠ Lauryn Hill (Fugees – Some Seek Stardom). Lady, I love you

♠ Making film-festival-going plans

♠ Making heaps of pasta for dinner; leftovers for lunch tomorrow, yussss

♠ Night-time candy missions

♠ Cam coming home this Thursday 😀 So excited!!!

♠ The cup of tea I’m gonna make after I hit “Publish”

Yoga! I almost flaked, by way of “if, when I check my phone, it’s 4.56pm, I’ll go.” I checked my phone. Upon looking at the screen, the time flicked over from 4.55 to 4.56.

So off I went.

It was brutal, but worthy. Bikram has been an incredible lesson in being in the moment. It’s time to find somewhere else to yoga, though. That was my lesson on Wednesday. I want to take the focus I’ve learned and pour it into a practice that is more energy-focussed. 4.55 to 4.56. I’m looking at checking out Myoga or Yoga Sangha next week. Yoga Sangha has koha entry, which is awesome.

Sweet poster, ay? Finally saw the Outsiders! They rule. Lungs were rad as well. I hung out with the illustrious Kelvin, drank snakebite and Tui, and danced around a whole lot. It was lots of fun and being out&about made me think that I need to have more weekend gig adventures. Happy next Saturday – that’s the plan!

White Hot Truth: The Manifesto of Encouragement. This is awesome – go read! ♥ | Greenpeace’s 10 Simple Ways to Use Less Oil | Show Studio’s Object Fetish hones in on a jaw-dropping pair of Alexander McQueen shoes (via Haute Macabre, one of my favourite blogs in the world) | Buried archeological treasure found at ground zero – “It’s probably one of the last things excavators were planning on unearthing at Ground Zero: an 18th century ship.” | Sex Pistols, ‘posh boys’ Cameron and Clegg, and those butter ads – “Ahead of PiL’s UK tour, frontman John Lydon scratches his nuts and surveys the pop-cultural landscape…”




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2 responses to “Little Victories

  1. Hi Lissa, through the magic of the internet I got an alert that you pinged my Yoga Sangha page, if you do come along next week then either Renee (Tues and Fri) or I (Thurs) will look forward to meeting you.

    • Hi Marianne – I had hoped to have come to Yoga Sangha by now! I had keyhole surgery on my lower abdomen in October last year and still can’t put a lot of weight on my right leg, or stretch fully on my right hand side. My body is craving yoga so badly, though! It’s tempting to come in to a class and just focus on doing what my body is capable of.

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