Frankie the big-cat is becoming fast friends with Penny the lil-cat. It is truly gorgeous. These two make me smile so often.

Next five tracks on my playlist:

♠ Do You Believe In Life After Thugs? – Astronautalis & DJ Fishr Pryce (this track is 3:25 of jaw-dropping, booty-shaking goodness)

♠ My People – Erykah Badu

♠ Sheena’s In a Goth Gang – The Cramps

♠ I Don’t Mind – Buzzcocks

♠ Sredni Vashtar – Faith & the Muse (this track will forever be associated with Cabaret Nocturne – a goth club in Melbourne – for me, and the NIN after party a handful of years ago. It was the track playing as Lorna, Mark and I walked in and I remember being so goddamn excited to be there; it was an amazing night and part of an epic adventure!)


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