Psychedelic Eye by Countess Grotesque


♠ Planning my first birthday party in thirteen years! Exciting!

♠ After loving ‘The Score’ for years, finally hearing the Fugees’ 1994 release ‘Blunted on Reality’. It is pretty much A to Z amazing

♠ Arriving home to find that my boyfriend has done my laundry (!!!)

♠ Candles every night

♠ Working in a place that is capable of lifting my spirits when I arrive there straight after an intense, frustrating day at Tech. How many people arrive at work and get uplifted? My job is really great

Dans Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip‘s album ‘The Logic of Chance’, which makes me want to jump around like a happy mad thing!

♠ Today being a wonderful lazy, rainy Sunday

♠ Reading about Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s yoga-physics

♠ Bright purple wigs

♠ EPs presented vivid-scrawled and wrapped in brown paper, hastily sealed with ‘don’t crush’ warning stickers. Thanks, Tiger’s Eye. I’m super-lazy about seeking out new music these days, so it’s awesome when it gets plonked on the counter at work

♠ Cadbury hot chocolate

♠ Delicious, soft merino layered over lacy slips (winter is so sexy)

Greens see red over Key – Great to read fighting-words coming from the Greens that are being well-publicised. (See also: Goverment mining plans wound back – Greens) | Obama Wants to Roll Back Oil Tax Breaks and Invest in Clean Energy – “In a speech earlier today at Carnegie Mellon University, US President Barack Obama urged Congress to roll back “billions of dollars in tax breaks” for oil companies and begin to look at ways to significantly increase investment in clean energy alternatives.” Woah. | Botticelli’s love drug – “A new discovery suggests that Botticelli’s masterpiece Venus and Mars shows the effects of a hallucinogenic plant – but is the real drug the painting itself?” | UN talks back conference on nuclear-free Middle East | Heart of the Tuhoe Nation – The final sentence pretty much sums it all up: “I just can’t believe they think they can look after the place better than we can.” The accompanying photo, of the Whakatane river winding its’ way through Te Urewera, is amazing; what a beautiful place. | Sweet success for Kit Kat campaign – “The new policy commits Nestlé to identify and exclude companies from its supply chain that own or manage ‘high risk plantations or farms linked to deforestation’.”

Despite a few course-related stresses, which I’m working on being down with, everything is great. Today I begun investigating alternate yoga classes – the heat and intense stretching of Bikram will be a little beyond me for a month or two yet, methinks! – since I’m beginning to get some of my flexibility back, it’s time to get back into the swing of yoga. Yoga is soul food, I miss it!

At the moment, classes at Gaura Yoga on Vivian Street are looking great (only $14 for a casual class which is followed by a yummy vegan dinner, and all equipment is provided!), though Yoga in Daily Life looks like a beautiful space and has $10 casual classes, and Myoga sounds like it would be an invigorating, spiritual practice. Perhaps I’ll check out all three!

Rest of the day:
♠ Wheel of Time, #5
♠ Late lunch of vegan lentil stew and cheesy mashed potatoes, yummm
♠ Make time for sewing
♠ Rumi
♠ Another foot tattoo! This time I’m getting an illustration of Willie Wonka by Quentin Blake on my left foot, to be friends with the Matilda I have on my right
♠ Brownies
♠ Conscious awareness <333

Winter memorie by Eszter Vály

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