Submissions flock in on mining scheme – “More than 33,000 submissions have been received…” Awesome that so much activism is happening around this issue. HEAPS of people are pissed off at the government right now, eh? | Saudi woman beats up virtue cop – Awesome! | McQueen’s right-hand woman inherits his empire | Australia launches court action over whaling – “Australia will initiate action in the International Court of Justice, seeking to prevent Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean…”

By Iv Solyaev, via Coilhouse

Track of the week: Alien Sex Fiend – Boneshaker Baby. Hell yes!!! Ms Fiend is totally one of my secret girlfriends. I’d almost forgotten about this track. Goth bands try to be as mind-boggling and cool as these two and fail at first synth.

Nik Fiend and Mrs Fiend (aka Alien Sex Fiend). FTW.

90s one hit wonders recently downloaded and being loved to lil bits: Citizen Kane – Better Days, Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta, The Lemonheads – Mrs. Robinson, Blind Melon – No Rain, Butthole Surfers – Pepper, Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy, Wheatus – Teenage Dirt Bag, 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up?, New Radicals – You Get What You Give

I shall spare you the ’90s Dance Hits’ track list… 😉

I’m on a mad nostalgia buzz with music lately.

Course is going well, going well. I’m trying to pour all of my energy and focus in to the work I’m doing at any given moment. It seems to be paying off, the tutors tell me that I’m on track to get through all the work I need to before the course ends. There is only four weeks to go so it’s going to be pretty full on, but I’m super-motivated and thinking positive-actions. Yay! Patternmaking will be so amazing, I can’t wait!

Enjoying: Researching Rosemary Kennedy, the T2 Blog, the Surf Canyon Firefox add-on (so good), Lost Not Lonely Hundreds and Thousands wedges (!!!), rediscovering Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, candlelight every morning, kitten bestowing cuddles upon thee, homecooking (DIY is so satisfying!), Snow Showers body wash from Lush (it smells like orange sherbert, yummm).

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