Small Steps

Via Myry2009

Just when I thought I was back up running, my body yells slow down. Two steps forward, a half step back. Considering three weeks ago I was struggling to get out of bed by myself, that’s not too bad, really!

Monday-Tuesday. Work experience.

Work experience has been intense, frustrating, eye-opening and great so far. Diving in after having over a month lost in the illness-surgery-recovery triangle, I can do far less than I thought I would be able to. Both physically, because I am still healing, and skill-wise, because I have missed so much practice while away. It has been a challenge to accept that my sewing skills aren’t up to scratch, and fully focus forward on the things that I can do well and really help out Janet with.

This week we began photographing/editing some of her collection, which was awesome – most of my day involved putting outfits on a dressform, positioning lights and taking photos at various angles – and I also did some handsewing, and brainstorming around different fun ways to add fur accents to a couple of coats. The entire workspace is a treasure trove of fabric and recycled goodies. Working in such a creative, unique environment with someone who is so completely dedicated to her work and her vision and her ethics is incredible. Hard as I have found it so far, it is also goddamn exciting!

Wednesday. Phew.

Today I am supposed to be at Tech, however the aforementioned telling off I am receiving from my body is keeping me home. Even though it is frustrating being physically incapable of working on what I need to, and time is running out for me to squeeze in everything required to pass my course, and be accepted for the July intake of Tech’s patternmaking course, I am trying to be patient, stay positive and give my body the downtime it asks for.

Everything happens for a reason and I have found a hundred silver linings to this cloud already. I REFUSE to let anything wear me down low. I’m up! Even in bed with a hot water bottle over my belly.

A handful of low-physical, productive projects for the day:
+ Mend Paul’s jeans (handsewing ftw)
+ Continue industry research (am currently reading Form, Fit & Fashion which has been awesomely useful so far)
+ Continue business plotting
+ Find a coupla yummy-sounding recipes to trial this week, possibly including apple crumble (yummmmm)

Airlines use plastic cutlery up to 10 times – Well done, Air NZ and Qantas, that’s some sensible shit right there. If a product can be cleaned thoroughly and safely reused again, airlines (and every other entity, including ourselves) should be applauded for doing so, right? It seems absolutely crazy to me that anyone would have a problem with this.

Mysterious ball lightening may be a hallucination | Maiden voyage for first true space sail – “If all goes to plan, it will be the first spacecraft fully propelled by sunlight.” Awesome!


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