Via Haute Macabre.

Apparently these are from a 2009 Italian Vogue spread. Amazing, beautiful images!

Tomorrow I am back at course. I’ve been out of action since work experience began, so it’s all very exciting. Monday and Tuesday I’ll be helping out Janet Dunn in her workroom, and Wednesday through Friday in class starting to get back up to speed with everything.

Japan’s Brainwave Initiative: Mind-Reading Robots by 2020 – “While the U.S. Army actively pursues “thought helmets” that might someday lead to secure mind-to-mind communication between soldiers, the Japanese are going after the consumer market. The aim is to produce BMI technology to change TV channels or to use mobile phones to send text messages composed by thought alone.”

Medicina Rossa by Alberto Seveso, via Sweet Station.

Click through to Sweet Station for larger pics! This is so captivating, I love it.

Mother’s Day today. I took the train out to the Hutt to hang out with mum and dad and my brother for the afternoon. Wellington harbour makes me smile every time, it’s a sweet ride for someone who isn’t a regular commuter! It was a fun visit, we drank tea, ate lots of caramel slice and sifted through a bunch of old clothes while the boys watched sport on TV. Courtesy of my amazing mother, I now have an overlocker on loan! And a press! And a bunch of clothes to rip up and throw back together! Exclamation marks! It’s going to be so great to have a little workspace at home with everything I need.

Enjoying: Wellington Wall Street, lacey things, hot chocolate with lots of milk, binging on episodes of American Dad, being almost-100% after three weeks of recovery from surgery (:-D!!!), sleeves-over-knuckles, world maps, waking up in time to see the sunrise


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