Happy J-Day!

Two weeks home from hospital and I’m still not back at course or work yet, but am trying not to take it all too seriously and start moping. Can’t force my body to heal, I’ve just got to chill out and be patient. Having said that, goddamn! I can’t wait to be able to move freely again.

I have been reading, watching, resting, plotting. A little cooking. Chocolate cupcakes, and banana cake with lemon icing. Sharing baked goods with friends is one of my favourite things. Mmm, baked goods.

One of these days, I’m going to buy a second-hand record player and have a sweet-treats & vinyl dress-up party. I shall add that to the List.

Music yesterday, pottering: M.I.A, Eels, Amy Winehouse, Dilated Peoples, Dead Kennedys.

Do you have any idea how goddamn fucking amazing Eels are?

Music today, lazing: Raindrops, distant traffic.

Been planning big, it’s all very exciting!

Huge protest says no to mining on conservation land – “An estimated 50,000 marchers joined one of the biggest protests in Auckland for decades today, to give the Government a firm message to stay away from mining on conservation land.” Rad, that’s even bigger than the anti-GE protests were.

101 Quick Meals – Vegan, so healthy for humans and kind on other creatures! This is awesome. I like cooking, but am also lazy.

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