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From Dmitry Maximov‘s ‘Invaded by Little Aliens’ project, via Sweet Station.

From David Lyle‘s current show ‘At the End of the Day’, via Wooster Collective.

The Ricky Gervais podcasts. I just can’t help myself.

Straight Line Design Inc – Melting drawers? Fiesty wardrobe? So, so cool! | Where the people lead, the leaders will follow – “It seems that Murray McCully has listened. His comments this afternoon indicate that he is now committed to ending whaling in the Southern Ocean…” | Dude, what just happened? – Russell Brown re: Operation Lime. You’d think that the police force have enough actual crime to worry about. | Private members bill drafted to stop mining – “Concern about changes to schedule 4 conservation land that open up protected land to mining has led Labour MP Jacinda Ardern to lodge her first Private Members Bill.” It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes from this. Metiria Turei’s Bill just got drawn; if it goes through it’ll make Ardern’s one irrelevant. The ultimate Earth Day present – “The Crown Minerals (Protection of Public Conservation Land Listed in the Fourth Schedule) Amendment Bill will retain the existing provisions of Schedule 4 protection in the Crown Minerals Act, but would require an Act of Parliament to remove something from Schedule 4, once it has been gazetted.” I wonder if our politicians are in the mood to do something good for once. Fingers crossed!

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