I swim, swim in a flickering. The relays clatter in my head…dreamy phase! I race through the convolutions of my brain, I look through the vitreous spheres of my eyes…exquisite speech bubbles burst in my brain, bespatter my perception, drip from furniture. In a rabble of words from condensed perceptual mist! The echo of the anthropomorphic shit resounds from every atom, to form calcified vessels. My watch ticks…tic-toc, like a small bird in a steel case, my head is a glass bubble through which one can glimpse a frantic ticking cog wheel mechanism — and here, here in my pocket I have a little key with which I can set this mechanism in motion whenever I want.

– From the autobiography of Albert Einstein by Gerhard Roth (1972), via A Journey Round My Skull

What a dude.

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