Hospital & Hamner

Well! I got rushed off to hospital last Tuesday night. Three nights and four mornings later, back home, with a smiling scar below my belly! Wellington Hospital treated me so goddamn well. People give the health system a lot of shit, but everyone who helped me from arriving in ED thru being discharged was wonderful. (And it was free, too.)

It is very good to be home, however 🙂

There is still one week to go before I can expect to be able to do much of anything active, so I’ve been laying in bed, reading book four of a million-book fantasy series, pumped up to the eyeballs with painkillers. Though today I went for an Adventure Outside, down to the dairy to buy supplies* with Cam, who is keeping a close eye on me and growling whenever I try to do too much ❤ xx

Good timing, at least! Lucky I hadn’t needed a hospital the previous week, which involved a trip to Hamner Springs via a night in Kaikoura. So much fun! The travelling to and fro was wonderful, too. I find that getting from A to B can be one of the most amazing parts of a trip away, especially if the sky is as clear and landscape as stunning.

Hamner is super-relaxing and just generally beautiful and great. The awesome motel, the homemade fudge place (Creme Brulee & Cookies and Cream!), mini golf (!), the Pickled Pig, becoming a prune in the hot pools, wandering around enjoying somewhere different, lights zig-zagging between huge trees at nighttime. Such an awesome holiday. I had never been to Hamner before; it doesn’t have that tacky, plastic, touristy feel that some such places do, I’m looking forward to visiting again!

Pot smokers out for high holiday | Samsung Series 7 3D TV – Such a fan of 3D. Bring on 3D everything, as far as I am concerned. | Cirque du Soleil to create Thriller show

* butternut snaps, Cadbury hot chocolate … the lady at Chang noticed I was walking funny (read: hobbling) and gifted me an easter egg when I told her about Me vs Ovarian Cyst Torsion… so sweet… Brooklyn is rad. There’s everything you need and the people are so friendly here.

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