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At home, ill and pumped full of antibiotics.
Better than being at home, ill and not pumped full of antibiotics, I guess!

‘Ziggy’ by Jessica Josslin. Her work is amazing.

Also amazing: Sewing tattoos (!!!) on Flikr

I’ve been trying to find some articles that make me smile. It’s harder than you’d expect. Everywhere you turn for news&views stuff: a million things negative.

All of this Hadron Collider stuff is rad, though.

“The world’s largest experiment into the fundamental forces of nature has begun in silent pursuit of the answers to some of the most esoteric questions of science, hitherto addressed by spirituality and philosophy.” – LHC: Will We Find The God Particle, Dark Matter and Supersymmetry?

Al Jazeera: Cern opens up the world of physics
Wall Street Journal: A Second Big Bang In Geneva?


Lord Layard’s Movement for Happiness seeks a director with vision


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